- Seconded/Transferred to RAF Ferry Command (AtFero) -

  • 1940 - 1945: The Atlantic Ferry Organisation (AtFero)

    Delivering American aircraft across the North and South Alantic  

     The ATA operated within the UK; the Atlantic Ferry Organisation (AtFero) (Nov 1940 - Jul 41), which became RAF Ferry Comand (Jul 41 - Mar 43) then No 45 (Atlantic Ferry) Group delivered US-built aircraft across the North and South Atlantic.


    Atlantic Ferry Routes WWII
    Atlantic routes and staging airfields during WWII.


    Dorval (now the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport) to Prestwick is 3,467 miles.

    Many male ATA pilots were transferred to transatlantic operations during WWII.


    However, the stories of women pilots "flying bombers across the Atlantic" are myths - no woman ever captained an aircraft on a wartime transoceanic delivery.

    A few ATA women pilots** made a trip as supernumary co-pilots, and Jaqueline Cochran also made one flight as a co-pilot in a Hudson "as long as she did not take-off or land the plane."

    ** (details from "Ocean Bridge" by Carl A Christie):

    - Roberta Sandoz Leveaux, Virgina Parr, and Catharine van Doozer (American) (a/c and dates unknown);

    - Mary Hooper (American) (Mitchell FV956, 10-13 Sep 1943);

    - Ann Watson Wood (American) (Mitchell FV959, 10-15 Sep 1943)

    - Grace Stevenson (American) (Mitchell FV958, 11-15 Sep 1943);

    - Dorothy Rita Bragg (American) (Mitchell FV967, 15-21 Sep 1943;

    - Helen Harrison (Canadian) (Mitchell FR185, 19-24 Sep 1943);

    - Opal Anderson (American) (Catalina JV395, 30 Oct 1943);

    - Edith Foltz Stearns (American) (Liberator BZ944, 30 Oct - 11 Nov 1943);

    - Marion Orr (Canadian) (Fortress HB815, 10-11 Jun 1944);

    - Suzanne Ford (American) (Liberator EW613, 18-19 Jun 1944);

    - Ruth Ballard (British) (Liberator AM861, 8-9 Oct 1944);

    - Nancy Jane Miller (American) (Liberator KH303, 26-29 Oct 1944);


  • Anding, Elbert Beard

     M.316 First Officer  Elbert Beard 'Tex' Anding 

    flag usa

     b. 11 Apr 1905, Rosebud, TX  26 Sep 1940 to Aug-41 

     ata elbert anding ATA      


    Address in 1940: 2 Anding Ave, Merrick, Long Island New York

    Joined the engineering staff of the Berliner-Joyce Aircraft Corp, Baltimore, in 1929

    Operated the E.B. Anding Flying Service in Haiti; had also done crop dusting

    prev. exp. 4,980 hrs

    "A sound and intelligent pilot."

    Seconded ("Loaned") to Atlantic Ferry Organisation (Atfero), 20 Mar 1941

    ata elbert anding danny dugan atfero

    left, with Al Torrey (?Eaglerock) of Atfero

    B 24 Liberator RAF Bomber

    d. 14 Aug 1941 - one of four ATA pilots, travelling as passengers, amongst the 22 killed in the crash of Liberator AM260 when taking off from Ayr.

    The others were Philip Lee (M.228), Buster Trimble and Martin Wetzel.

    The cause of the crash was that "the pilot in command [Cpt Richard Charles Stafford of BOAC] started the take off procedure from runway 06 which was not suitable for the takeoff as it was too short for such aircraft."

    In October, his wife Jessie wrote bitterly to the ATA:

    "Dear Sir,

    I have in my possession a check for $1,005 as full settlement of my late husband's salary. I feel there has been a mistake in the amount, which I sincerely hope was not intended by the ATA.

    Although it is to no avail to blame anyone for the accident I cannot help feeling that to a certain extent it was nothing more than 'manslaughter'. Capt. Stafford on two occasions at St Hubert airport in Montreal almost let his ships get away from him. Both occasions Capt. Anding was in the ships and I have heard my husband and other pilots discuss the fact that Capt. Stafford was not capable of flying the ships assigned to him. Of course "mere Americans" to even dare assume that an Englishman couldn't out-fly them would be something short of "treason".

    and his brother-in-law added: "... in conversation with [Elbert] I learned there were only two things he was afraid of, Fire and Capt. Stafford - he met both."

    Jessie had suffered financial hardship as a result of her husband's death (he had no insurance), but refused to cash the cheque for some months in protest at what she regarded as the shabby treatment handed out to her and the other families.

    Eventually, on 16 July 1942, an ex-gratia payment of $4,000 was agreed for Jessie, with a further $4,000 in War Bonds in the name of their 9 year-old daughter Mary Anne.

    Jessie wrote back to say she was "... greatly pleased. Might I add that any sarcasm I have shown in past correspondence has not been towards any one individual but to all those who from lack of foresight failed to realize the value and ability of other mankind."


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  • Beville, Emmitt Eugene

     M.1  First Officer Emmitt Eugene Beville 

    flag usa

      b. 10 May 1911, Lees Summit, MO  3 Oct 1940 to May-41

     ata emmitt beville ATA      


    Ed. Burlesan College (M.A.)

    m. M. E. , 1 son Thomas

    prev. "Aviation"

    Address in 1940: 202 Canterbury Dr, Terrill Hills, San Antonio TX

    Postings: 6FPP

    1 Accident, not his fault:

    - 6 Sep 1940, Hurricane broke tail wheel when landing - possibly a fault in the material.

    Seconded to AtFero in 20 Mar 1941

    WWII US Draft Card shows he was employed by Canadian Pacific Railway Air Service Dept on 16 April 1941

    Contract Terminated 13 May 1941 - "Deserted"

    1943-44 Joined American Export Airlines (Naval Air Transport Service) as a pilot

    1945-47, was a pilot for American Overseas Airlines and lived at 407 Bayou View, Houston TX

    m. 25 Dec 1948 Marie [Oscar] in Florida

    1951 Pilot for Pan American

    d. 8 Dec 1974 (age 63) - American Hospital of Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

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  • Bradbrooke, Francis Delaforce

     M.4  Captain  Francis Delaforce 'Brad' Bradbrooke

    flag england

    flag canada

     b. 14 Mar 1895, Worcestershire  11 Sep 1939 to Aug-41 

     ata f d bradbrooke 1935 1935 (Flight)  ata francis bradbrooke2Brief Glory   ATAM  


    Ed: Bletchley Grammar School, then Manitoba University

    1914-16 3rd Canadian Mounted Rifles;

    1916-1930 1st Lieut., Canadian Machine Gun Corps;

     prev. an aviation journalist, on the staff of 'The Aeroplane'; had flown about 110 types of aeroplane

    Seconded to AtFero 20 Mar 1941

     B 24 Liberator RAF Bomber

    d. 10 Aug 1941 (Died in ATA Service) - Liberator AM261 crashed into Goat Fell mountain on Isle of Arran after take off from Heathfield, Ayr (22 killed - 5 crew and 17 travelling as passengers) 

    9 of the victims were Canadian, 5 British, 7 American, and one was an Australian.

    11 of the victims were pilots: Josiah James Anderson (Can), Daniel J Duggan (US), Watt Miller King (US), George Thomas Harris (US), Hoyt Ralph Judy (US), John James Roulstone (US), Harold Clifford Wesley Smith (Can), Jack Wixen (US), Capt. Ernest R. B. White (BOAC, ex-Imperial Airways), F. D. Bradbrooke, and John Evan Price (Aus).

    10 radio operators, including Albert Alexander Oliver, George Herbert Powell and Herbert David Rees from BOAC, and one Flight Engineer, Ernest George Reeves (US), also lost their lives.

    Flight said: "Canada shares with Great Britain the loss of Capt. F. D. Bradbrooke, who, although born in Worcestershire, has spent many years in Canada, where he learned to fly in 1928. Several years ago he came to this country to join the staff of The Aeroplane, of which he became assistant editor. He left that post to become editor of a little journal called The Aero Pilot. On its formation he joined the Air Transport Auxiliary and ferried aircraft from factories to service units, and finally he joined Atfero. He was a very experienced pilot"

    "To say only that aeronautical journalism had lost one of its most important figures in the Atfero accident would be very much understating the case. Capt. F. D. Bradbrooke was much more than an aeronautical journalist. He was one of those amateur pilots who had helped to make private flying in this country, and was, at the same time, an "amateur technician " of no mean importance. He had a finger in every pie remotely connected with his primary interest and hobby, and was by way of being a humorist in his own inimitable way.

    "Brad" was one of the most enthusiastic persons anyone could possibly meet, and his enthusiasm was catching. As a member of the staff of The Aeroplane he was an unstinting supporter of everything which he felt to be a "good thing," and a somewhat vitriolic opponent of anything which he felt to be useless or silly. When, for instance, the tricycle undercarriage was considered merely as a peculiar kind of throwback, " Brad " was vigorous in his praise, and I was with him when he flew the first tricycle type to appear in this country. The machine in question was a " safety-first " type, and until "Brad" started to expatiate (with his usual lack of professional "tightness"), I had been interested only in the slots and things with which the machine was fitted. It was Bradbrooke, in fact, who helped to make this country "tricycle conscious."

    And that was only one of the many ideas which he had sponsored. What was more important is that he was prepared to put his enthusiasm into vigorous practice. In the course of his investigations he would fly almost anything anywhere. And I must say that in his search for truth (of the aeronautical kind) he risked his neck in one or two very queer contraptions so that he could at least give the designer an absolutely fair opinion—in print or otherwise.

    At the beginning of this war he was one of the founders of Air Transport Auxiliary, and here again his enthusiasm was terrific. Later, when the Atlantic ferrying business started, he was one of the first to volunteer for the work, and was thereafter - until he started on the work itself - to be seen, so to speak, with a sextant in one hand and a textbook on astronomical navigation in the other. At odd moments he would hoist the sextant to his eye and compute his position—though he knew perfectly well where he was.

    When there is peace and civil flying returns we shall miss "Brad", a very great deal. All this war-flying was only for him an interlude preparatory to returning to his greatest interest - civil flying. The only kind of flying which is really worth anything in the long run. Yes, we shall certainly miss him."

    A memorial service was held each year on the anniversary of the crash at Lamlash Cemetery, Island of Arran.

    ATA's insurance policy paid out £5,000 to his widow Joan, and £2,000 each to the families of the 3 radio operators.

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Coe, Euclid W

     M.643  First Officer Euclid W. 'Ed' Coe 
     flag usa   b. 18 Jun 1912, Cleveland, TN 21 Jun 1941 to 21 Jun 1942 




    Father: John W. Coe, mother Retta [Hagler] both dec'd

    Ed. High School, Porterville, CA

    prev. Gas and Electric Welding; Mechanic. 1940-41 US Army Civilian Flyng Instructor in Albany, GA

    prev. exp. 1800 hrs

    Address in 1941: Main St., Richland Center, WI

    Postings: 3FPP, 6FPP

    Suspended for one day and fined £5 in Dec-41 for "failing to report to police on being posted to 3FPP", and then suspended for 2 days in Apr-42 for "low flying".

    One accident:

    15 May 1942, his Spitfire broke an undercarriage leg during a forced landing following a drop in oil and brake pressure. Not his fault.

    "A steady and reliable pilot and a good officer."

     m. 1943 Mildred Kathleen [Christie] from NY [2 children]

    Post-ATA, he joined RAF Ferry Command and was stationed in Nassau and Montreal, until 1946.

    Later a test pilot for Canadair, operator of a number of flight schools, and owner of ABC Rentals in Glen Falls, NY.

    d. 15 Oct 1990 - Glen Falls, NY (Age 78)


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  • Cramer, Leonard Wright

     M.177 First Officer  Leonard Wright Cramer 

    flag usa

     b. 2 May 1906, Fulton NY 3 Aug 1940 to Oct-41 


    ata leonard cramer 1929 1929

    from http://jeffmichaels.org/?p=252, which has a full biography



    Father: Frank I Cramer

    Ed.: 4 yrs High School, 1 yr Cornell University

    m. 1929 Vida Pearl [Hewes, divorced, later Dolamore]

    prev. a Commercial Pilot. Manager of Oneida Airport.

    He had to swim a mile and a half after his seaplane crashed following engine failure and then an engine fire, at Onodaga Lake, Syracuse , N.Y. in Jun 1930.

    Address in 1940: Baldwinsville, NY

    Postings: 6FPP, 1FPP

    He was commended for his forced landing after an engine failure in a Short Scion on 8 Dec 1940, but blamed for another forced landing in a Fairey Battle when he continued a flight in failing light and bad weather on 5 Jan 1941.

    Seconded to Atfero 20 Mar 1941

    Contract Terminated 31 Oct 1941

    d. 8 Jan 1945 - Port of Spain, Trinidad, in Martin M-130 'China Clipper' of Pan American Airways.which crashed while landing in darkness. 10 of the 13 crew, and 13 of 17 passengers died in the accident.


     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Edison, James Arlington

    M.153 *

    First Officer James Arlington 'Eddie' Edison 

    flag usa

     b. 29 Aug 1898, Kansas   

    13 Aug 1940 to 23 Sep 1941

     ata james edison 1943 1943      

    "He has been flying since he was 18".

    prev a a stunt-man and crop-duster. 

    1933-4 instructor to 60 Chinese pilots of the army of General Chang Kai-shek

     m. to Mary E (d. 1986)

    [arrived in Manchester 5 Sep 1940]

    [Transferred to AtFero, probably in Mar 1941]

    "His name was scratched from the crew list for a ferry flight to Montreal, so that he could return to London to renew his papers.The bomber flew into the side of a mountain, and all 22 of the crew were killed and the ship completely destroyed." [This was Liberator AM261, on the 10th August 1941. See also F D Bradbrooke (joined 1939) and George Thomas Harris]

    "Lt. Edison helped to bury this group of fellow fliers, immediately after which he received an assignment to leave for another trip. On this day, one hour before take-off, and while en route to the airdrome, there was an air raid and while the taxi in which he was riding was waiting, there was an automobile accident that resulted in two broken ribs for the lieutenant, sending him to the hospital instead.

    Before getting away, however, he saw the ship in which he was supposed to leave run off the runway, catch fire and all 22 of the fine American pilots which made up the crew were burned to death.  [This was Liberator AM260, on the 14th August 1941. To be precise, 12 pilots [9 of them American], 8 radio operators, 1 flight engineer and 1 civilian were killed. See also Elbert Anding, Philip Lee, Buster Trimble and Martin Wetzel,]

    He says he made his next journey with fingers crossed - but safely."

    Later joined the US Navy and was Chief Aviation Pilot at Stanford Naval Air Station, FL, in 1943.

    d. 28 Apr 1945 in PV-3 (ex-RAF Lockheed Ventura) which crashed after hitting trees shortly after take-off from NAS Lake City, FL.


  • Grigsby, Earl Clinton

     M.411  First Officer Earl Clinton Grigsby 
    flag usa   b. 27 Mar 1918, Nr Roy, Washington

    26 Mar 1941 to 24 Feb 1942

    [335 days


    ata earl grigsby 1941

    San Bernadino County Sun, 1941


    ata earl grigsby 1942

    and 1942



    Educated at San Bernadino High School, CA

    Address in 1941: 1382 Vine St, Highland, CA

    A Commercial pilot, flying since 1936, Tri City Airport, San Bernadino

     from the 'San Bernadino County Sun':

    "First Word Received from E.C. Grigsby, Highland Flier

    Earl C. Grigsby, Highland youth who at 22 years of age is already a veteran flier, is now a member of the royal air force, engaged in defending London from Nazi air raids.

    The youth is believed to be the only San Bernadino county flier in the R.A.F. He is the son of [ClintonTherman] Grigsby, widely known Highland resident, who is foreman of the Highland Fruit Growers' packing house.

    According to a censored letter written by Earl to his father, the Highland youth said he was now 'flying over London' and that he 'had one of the best flying jobs to be had'.

    As far as is known, Earl flew across the Atlantic Ocean as a ferry pilot, under contract with the Canadian government.

    Earl became interested in aviation when only 16 years old and made a rapid advancement in his chosen field. He received his first training at the Shandlin Hills and the Tri-city airport.

    He then went to Long Beach to further his training under government instruction. At Long Beach he was advanced 50 hours of flying requirements because of his flying record and experience.

    Earl received his 'wings' two months ago at Long Beach and left almost immediately for Montreal, Canada, expecting to be an instructor for the Canadian government in one of their air schools. There again he advanced rapidly and was given an overseas contract.

    Mr Grigsby recently received the first letter from his son since Earl left the United States.

    The letter required three weeks to reach Highland from the aerodrome near Maidenhead, Berkshire, where Earl is stationed. The youth could tell little of his experiences in England because of censorship. He said he is studying to be a trans-atlantic pilot.

    Although a native of Washington, Earl has lived in Highland the greater part of his life. His home is at 1381 Vine street. He attended Highland elementary school and was graduated from the San Bernadino High School."


    media 18232 www.americanairmuseum.com

    "Another Highland youth now in service in England is Grigsby's chum, Keith Alexander, also of 1382 Vine street, who is a first officer in the American Eagle Squadron, stationed near London."


    Transferred to Atfero, Feb 42.

     3 Apr 1942: "He has greatly enjoyed his work overseas, but has little to say of his war experiences. Earl also visited his mother, Mrs. Margie Grisby of Harlem Springs.

    Young Grisgby left tonight to drive back to Montreal to resume his flying, and expects from now on to become a transatlantic pilot."

    From 1970, ran G&E Flying Service, which was renamed J Kreuger and E Grigsby (Redlands Air Academy) in 1975, located at 1745 Sessums Dr., Redlands CA.

     redlands air academy 1976[Please note that this coupon is no longer valid :-} ]

    d. 4 Apr 2001 - Highland, San Bernardino, CA

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

  • Harris, George Thomas

     M.227 First Officer George Thomas Harris 

    flag usa

     b. 27 Dec 1905, Lawrence, Kansas  7 Aug 1940 to 1 Dec 1940  


    ata george harris

     Iola Register,14 Aug  1941



    m. Margurite

    prev. Kansas National Guard

    Address in 1940: 714 N.N. St., Lawrence, Kansas (father)

    Contract Terminated 1 Dec 1940 - Transferred to Atlantic Ferry Organisation [AtFero]

    B 24 Liberator RAF Bomber

    d. 10 Aug 1941 - Liberator AM261 crashed into Goat Fell mountain on Isle of Arran after take-off from Heathfield Ayr (22 killed - 5 crew and 17 travelling as passengers). Victims included F D Bradbrooke (q.v.)


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  • Heising, Horace Crowell

     M.110 *  First Officer Horace Crowell Heising 

    flag usa

     b. 13 Feb 1902, Minneapolis, Minnesota 10 Aug 1940 to 13 Jan 1941


    ata horace heising 

    St Louis Post-Despatch



    Ed. at South Pasadena High School, CA

    Took his US Commercial Pilots Licence in St Louis, MO, in 1928

    prev. pilot for Chicago & Southern Air Lines

     prev. exp. 7000hrs

    He and Harold Phillips were reported "killed in combat with Nazi attackers over London" and/or "killed when his Spitfire crashed into a barrage balloon" in October 1940, but by mid-December his sister told the newspapers that she had received a letter from him, dated November 1.

    In November he also wrote to Bruce Braun, the VP of Chicago&Southern in November 1940: "I guess you blokes (pipe the lime) think I've shot my wad. Well, Chief, you never can tell how far a frog will jump by looking at him.

    Things here are what I would call nice going, never a dull moment. Believe me, Bruce, I take my hat off to these Englishmen. The bull dog is most certainly symbolic of them. Their spirit and courage will triumph no matter if the war lasts a hundred years."

    He went back to New Orleans to visit his family in February 1941, and "refute in person the reports of his death."

    Transferred to AtFero February 1941

    In 1947, described as a "transient", he was reported to be "in the [Sacramento] city jail facing charges of passing fictitious checks in three downtown department stores."

    d. 9 Dec 1950  


  • Jacques, Dan Belton

     M.162 *  First Officer Dan Belton Jacques 

    flag usa

      b. 29 Sep 1915, Memphis, TN 17 Oct 1940 to 25 Feb 1941 

     ata dan jacques 1962 1962      


    Father: George Dennis Jacques (French national), mother Neva Ella [Willis] (American)

    Ed. Drew's, California University, Boeing School of Aeronautics

    prev. California National Guard, 1931-33; United Airlines, Pilot and Operations.

    Here is a glimpse of him in June 1940, 4th from the right, when he was co-pilot for a one day state-wide tour of Oregon to celebrate the Salem Centennial:

    ata dan jacques 1940

    m. 1940 Marian Ruth [Steffa], 2 children inc Douglas Brian b. Jun 1941

    Address in 1940: 237 Castillian Way, San Mateo, CA

    Sailed to Liverpool to join the ATA, arriving 11 Nov 1940, with fellow American pilots Howard Alsop, Donald Annibal, Francis Bender, Robert Gragg, Charles Smith, Malcolm Stewart and Roy Wimmer.

    Postings: 1FPP

    Transferred to RAF Ferry Command

    m. 1953 Patricia J Paulbach

    In 1960, Chief Pilot for Atchison Clements, Inc. of Wichita. "He has flown 120 different types of planes for 18,000 hrs since 1928." 

    "As an RAF pilot in 1940, he flew such VIPs as British Ambassador Lord Halifax and Air Marshall Billy Bishop of Canada."

    d. Dec 1980 - Boise ID

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  • Johnson, Philip Harvard

     M.87  Flight Captain Philip Harvard Johnson 

    flag england

     b. 18 Sep 1907, Hessle, E Yorks 

    2 Oct 1940 to 30 Jun 1942

    [636 days]

     ata philip johnson 1933 1933      


    Ed. at Marlborough College. His father, Dr. Samuel Harvard Johnson, was the Medical Officer for Hessle, Hull. His mother was Ethel Ida [Booth] and he had an elder sister, Kathleen.

    prev. a pilot for BOAC.

    prev. exp. 4500 hrs (day), 500hrs (night) on "All Moths, Avian, Spartan Cruiser, DH84, 86, 89, Airspeed Envoy, HP42, and 'C' Class Flying Boat" in "France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Africa and the Far East".

    Member of Hull Aero Club, and owned a 1930 Avro 616 Avian IVM G-AAVP:

    G-AAVP Avro Avian

    Single. Next of kin his mother, c/o Walney Hall, Southfield, Hessle


    The Scotsman - Friday 2 Jun 1939:


    Philip Harvard Johnson, an air pilot, at Perth, whose address was given as the Royal British Hotel, Perth, was fined £10 and had his driving licence suspended for twelve months when found guilty at Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday of driving a motor car in Dundee while under the influence of drink. 

    No evidence was led for the defence. Sheriff-Substitute Malcolm, addressing Johnson, said his occupation and position made it more incumbent on him than on most people to refrain from drink."


    Manchester Evening News - Thursday 8 February 1940


    Described as an air pilot engaged on aerial black-out survey at the time of the offence, Philip Harvard Johnson, giving an address at the Woodcourt Hotel, Brooklands, was found guilty at the Manchester City Police Court of being under the influence of drink while driving a car and when disqualified. A third charge of driving dangerously was dismissed.

    Mr T. A. Cunliffe, barrister, for the defence, said that at 11:20 p.m on February 18, a police war reserve officer saw a car driven by Johnson zig-zagging slowly towards London Road ; near Whitworth Street. The car reversed, mounted the foot-path and collided with a warehouse wall. When questioned about his licence, Johnson told the officer he had written to the Air Ministry and had got a letter to say that he was engaged on aerial duties which gave him special facilities.

    Johnson said that on the night of the offence he had had ten whiskies and sodas between 7:30 and 11. This was his usual drink.

    The Stipendiary Magistrate fined him £20 for driving a car while under the influence of drink, £5 for driving while he was disqualified, and banned him from driving for three years."


    Address in 1940: 'Thornhill', Stamford Rd, Bowdon, Cheshire

    Postings: White Waltham, Ringway

    Seconded to Atfero, 20 Mar 1941

     m. Sep 1941 Joan [Hartley], son Timothy (later a Lt-Cmdr, RN) b. 1944

     d. Aug 1984 - St Austell, Cornwall

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  • Kleaver, Kenneth Kelvin

     M.197 First Officer  Kenneth Kelvin Kleaver 

    flag usa

    b. 5 Jan 1908, Dunsmuir CA  9 Aug 1940 to 10 May 1941 

      ata ken kleaver 1940      


    Father: William Leonard Kleaver

    Ed. High School

    m. 1936 Mary Lee [Speight]

    USA Pilots Licence No 5639

    In 1929 he flew his grandfather "William Kleaver of Scott River" and his uncle H.J. Kleaver "Superintendent of Schools at Dunsmuir" on a air trip round Scott Valley and Marble Mountain.

    ata ken kleaver accident 1930

    "When pilot Ken Kleaver's motor quit cold 1,500 feet above Eureka, Calif., he was left no alternative but to land. Two nurses riding as passengers were uninjured when Kleaver picked a soft spot in the mud alongside a slough and gently nosed the ship over. Kleaver was not hurt. Here's the way they landed." Arizona Republic, 23 Nov 1930

    He then did barnstorming and stunt flying for the 'Crusading Flying Fleet', "well known transport flyers, who have thrilled many crowds with their feats of danger and daring. Also, they will carry aloft any passengers who are looking for thrills."

    By 1936 he owned one of only two Fokker C-2 Tri-motors in the USA, and offered 14 passengers a joyride from Bend Airport, Oregon in his '$92,000 airplane'.

    Address in 1940: Yreka, CA

    Postings: 1FPP, Hawarden, Ringway, 2FPP

    Suspended without pay for a week in Jan-41 for 'General Misdemeanour'

    He and Ralph Canning were nicknamed the 'California Prune Pickers' by their English counterparts.

    RAF Ferry Command from Apr 1942

    In 1956 he was reunited with a schoolfriend from Dunsmuir, Eugene Babb: "The human interest angle is that, in the meanwhile, both men have been girdling the globe many times over, Babb as skipper for various shipping companies, Kleaver as captain for airlines all over the world. Each had been in and out of the same port many times, unknown to each other."

    "Kleaver is the Calistoga representative for the Valley Chevrolet Company."

    d. 2 Jan 1962 - Shasta County, CA 

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  • Klusek, Stanley Walter

     M.155 First Officer  Stanley Walter Klusek 

    flag usa

     b. 8 Jan 1911, Springfield IL  3 Oct 1940 to 31 Oct 1941 



    Father: Valentine Klusek (Polish)

    Ed: Bylac Grammar School

    Next of kin: (mother): Victoria Klusek

    Also had a brother, Louis, who lived at 1595 Odell St., Parkchester, Bronx, N.Y.

    prev. a pilot and automobile dealer. US Air Corps Reserve.

    Address in 1940: 2242 E Hamilton Ave, Springfield

    Postings: 3FPP

    1 accident, 18 Aug 1941, due to 'taxying in strong wind with insufficient care'

     In April 1941, he was a lunchtime speaker at a meeting organised by the Chamber of Commerce in Charleston; "Klusek returned from England a few days ago for a week's leave of absence, and left Springfield today for Canada whence he will fly bombers to England." He said that "superior ability in recruiting new pilots will be one of the strong factors which will enable England to win over Germany in the present war."

    Seconded to AtFero

    In 1942, after leaving the ATA, he was pilot of a "big ship" being delivered across the Pacific "for General MacArthur's forces to use in checking Japan's drive southward", when they hit a tropical storm near Oahu. His co-pilot said "Finally we found a hole and got down lower but there was nothing but water and believe me, there's lots of it between the United States and Australia." Eventually they landed but "did not have enough gasoline left to taxi off the runway."

    d. 2 Nov 1987 - Springfield

    ata stanley klusek grave findagrave.com

    Buried Cavalry Cemetery.

    "A resident of Dawson for 35 years, he was the president and founder of the Kluzek Industrial Empire Corp. in Dawson. He was a member of St. Joseph's Church in Buffalo; Elks Lodge 158; O.X. Five Aviation Pioneer Club; and the Silver Wings Fraternity of Aviation Pathfinders. He served as a captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940 and ferried Liberator bombers across the Atlantic to England.  Surviving are three daughters, three sons, six grandchildren; one sister, four brothers, several nieces, nephews and cousins. "

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Lee, Philip Francis

     M.228  First Officer Philip Francis Lee, Jr 

    flag usa

    b. 14 Dec 1905, Baltimore, MD  17 Aug 1940 to Aug-41 

      ata philip lee  ata philip lee 2 ATA    


    Learnt to fly in 1928, then was an airline pilot, circus joy-ride pilot and instructor.

    prev. exp. 1,150hrs

    Address in 1940: Dayton, OH

    Postings: 3FPP, 6FPP

    Seconded to Atfero 20 Mar 1941

    He was offered an extension to his 1-yr contract, but declined: "It is purely a matter of finances as I have enjoyed working for your organisation."

    B 24 Liberator RAF Bomber

    d. 14 Aug 1941 (Died in ATA Service) - one of four ATA pilots, travelling as passengers, amongst the 22 killed in the crash of Liberator AM260. Others were Elbert Anding (M.316), Buster Trimble (M.112) and Martin Wetzel.

    The cause of the crash was that "the pilot in command [Cpt Richard Charles Stafford of BOAC] started the take off procedure from runway 06 which was not suitable for the takeoff as it was too short for such aircraft."

     nell cole lee

    Philip's widow Nell Cole Lee was also, like Mrs Anding, convinced that BOAC or Atfero was responsible by negligence for his death, and in fact threatened to sue them for damages. The situation was not cleared up until 1943, when the British Government agreed to provide her with an ex-gratia payment of $8,000, of which $2,000 was invested for her 2 children (Helen Cole Lee and Francis, who was born after Philip's death).

    She then wrote, "May I offer you my sincere thanks and appreciation for the grant. While it is true that the death of my husband did not leave me in dire straits, it is also true that my children will not have all the advantages in life that they would have had had he lived."

    The official ATA report summed it up in November 1944: "Thus, a case which had developed a very unpleasant atmosphere, and might well have left an unhealed focus of bitter anti-British sentiment, was concluded on an entirely satisfactory note." 

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey  download grey


  • Livermore, Thomas Leonard

     M.246  First Officer Thomas Leonard 'Tom' Livermore Jr 

    flag usa

     b. 18 Oct 1908, Telluride, CO  14 Sep 1940 to 1 Feb 1942 

     ata tom livermore 1929 1929  ata thomas livermore ATA


    March 1941



    Next of Kin: (mother)  Sibyl/Sibbel H B Livermore, 667 South Palm Ave, Sarasota, FL

    Father d. 1935

    Ed. Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville GA, and Sarasota High

    prev. Crop Dusting pilot

    Co-pilot of the Curtiss Robin 'Sealdsweet', which attempted (several times) to establish a 100-hour refuelling endurance flight record in 1929.. They refuelled from another Curtiss Robin named the 'Mor-Juce', but a series of mechanical problems meant they eventually abandoned the attempt.

    prev. exp. 2400 hrs, "practically all on medium and heavy aircraft. Has a commercial pilot's license."

    m. 1934 Carline [Whitney], 1 daughter Barbara b. 1936

     Postings: 6FPP

    1 accident, his fault:

    - 26 Feb 1941, he landed his Whitley at the wrong aerodrome and struck an obstruction when taking off again.

     "Smooth and accurate in the air. Is very fine type."

    Seconded to AtFero 15 Mar 1941

    B 24 Liberator RAF Bomber

     d. 14 Oct 1942 (age 33) in a Liberator crash after taking off from Trinidad. The plane had mistakenly taken off on the emergency fuel tanks only, and all engines stopped after the plane had climbed a few hundred feet.

    Accepted for commemoration on the Ottowa Memorial in 2018.

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Lowman, Paul Liefer

     M.241  First Officer Paul Liefer Lowman 

    flag usa

      b. 27 Dec 1913, Fort Wayne Indiana 5 Dec 1940 to 4 Dec 1941 

     ata paul lowman ATA  


    ata paul lowman 2 findagrave.com



    Father: Wilbur W Lowman, mother Blanche C [Liefer, later m. Walter Ross]

    Ed. Warsaw High School, IN

    Next of Kin: (Mother) Mrs W S Ross, Winona Lake, Kosciusko, IN

    prev. Airline Pilot and Instructor, but also...

    ata paul lowman 1938 Paul and Jerry II

    In 1937, as "Winona Lake's Lion Tamer", he rode a surfboard behind a speedboat with a lion called Jerry. However, when Jerry I died, he tried taming a new younger one, which didn't go so well; Paul needed four stitches in a wound in his neck the lion gave him when they opened the cage. Jerry II then escaped, twice, terrorised the local residents and demolished a gift shop. "Owner Lowman is now looking for someone who would like a nice pet lion."

    By 1940 he was a self-employed Painting Contractor.

    He was fined $5 for reckless flying over Mentone, IN in Sep 1940.

    Arrived in the UK 15 Jan 1941

    Postings: 1FPP, 14FPP

    Off sick from 2 to 18 Sep 1941 with "orthopaedic derangement" of knee

     1 accident, not his fault:

    - 2 Oct 1941, he successfully made a precautionary landing in a Mohawk after a starter gasket blew.

    "A keen and hard working pilot" "Carried out his duties satisfactorily"

    m. 1943 Barbara June [Sherman] (2 daughters, 1 son) [d. 2004]

    Later joined RAF Ferry Command then post-WWII he was a pilot with National Airlines Inc. of Florida from 1952, having given the ATA as a reference.

    ata paul lowman 1963 

    1963, landscaping his garden at 5950 SW 104th St, Miami.

    d. 9 Dec 2002 (age 89) in Miami, FL, after a long ilness (Parkinson's).

    "Paul's great love of flying kept him going until 72. His last was a glider plane."

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Makepeace, Paul Bleecker

     M.394  First Officer  Paul Bleecker Makepeace
    flag usa  b. 9 Dec 1915, New York 20 Mar 1941 to 19 Mar 1942 

     ata paul makepeace ATA



    Next of kin: (parents) Mrs & Mrs Frank B Makepeace, Cos Cob, CT

     Ed. Greenwich High School, CT

    prev. 3 yrs as Sgt in US National Guard 211 Coast Artillery Div.; Company Pilot for Sinclair Oil Co. in Caracas, Venezuela

    Address in 1941: 157 E 81 St, NYC

     Postings: 14FPP, 9FPP, 6FPP

    2 accidents, 1 his fault:

    - 7 Sep 1941, his Spitfire hit a control box due to him taxying without sufficient care;

    - 30 Jan 1942, he skidded in Spitfire BL751 on landing, and nosed over. Kemble airfield had been signalled as unserviceable due to ice, but the signal did not arrive before he took off on the delivery flight.

    "A very competent pilot and a good officer."

    Joined RAF Ferry Command

    d. 17 Jan 1943 (age 27), one of 26 lost in C-87 (Liberator Express) 41-1708 which disappeared between Accra and Brazil.

    Commemorated on the Ottowa Memorial

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

  • Marine, John Howard

     M.402 First Officer  John Howard 'Jack' Marine 
     flag usa   b. 26 Nov 1904, Yuma, AZ 25 Feb 1941 to 19 Aug 1941 

     ata john marine ATA



    Father: Rufus Howard Marine; Mother: Aletha Myrtle [Coffin] of Yarnell AZ

    Ed. Arizona Staff Teachers College, Flagstaff AZ

    prev. US Air Corps 1926-27. Flight Instructor for US Army Dec 1940 - Feb 1941; also a Sound Engineer for Theatres.

    Employer in 1940: Major Mosley, Grand Central Air Terminal, Glendale, CA

    m.1930 Bertie Mae [Gist]

    m. 18 Feb 1932 Naomi [Potter]

    Address in 1941: Phoenix, AZ

    Postings: 2FPP

    Off sick from 27 Jun(?) to 19 Aug 1941 with an eye injury after an accident. "One of his eyes was injured by shrapnel during a flight off the English Coast, when he was attacked by two Messerschmitts", according to the Arizona Republic. The circumstances of the accident were not recorded by the ATA.

     ata john marine grave

    Joined RAF Ferry Command but d. 21 Feb 1942 when his A-20 Boston crashed into the Potomac River, Washington DC.

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • McAlister, Walter Bowman

     M.--- 2nd Officer  Walter Bowman McAlister 

    flag usa

      b. 24 Jan 1901, Jackboro, Texas 14 Aug 1940 to 12 Sep 1940 


      Ed. 3 years of college

    m. [divorced 1939]

    prev. Pilot for Southern Air Transport "on the Dallas-Brownsville run"

    Address in 1940: 830 Schley Ave, San Antonio, TX

    "McAlister was in London during several German air raids. He was cut on the head by a piece of flying shrapnel from an anti-aircraft gun. The railroad station by which he was leaving the city had its roof blown away. 'We looked up and could actually see the bombs coming. I just knew one had my name on it, but the nearest one landed a block away." 26 Nov 1940.

    Joined AtFero?

    Drafted into US Military 26 Aug 1942

    d. 18 Apr 1950 - Fort Worth, TX 

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • McCarthy, Justin William

     M.---  2nd Officer  Justin William McCarthy

    flag usa

     b. 7 Nov 1919, Denver CO 27 May 1941 to 24 Dec 1941 

     ata justin mccarthy 1938 1938



    Mother: Emma

     Address in 1941: 1452 Elizabeth, Denver 

     Transferred to RAF Ferry Command

    Sailed from Scotland to USA on 16 Jun 1942

    In January 1947, he was arrested for 'terrorizing wealthy women' and being a gem and fur robber to the tune of $75,000:

    Described as a "former ferry pilot turned limousine highwayman", he had kidnapped three women in Park Ave, New York on New Year's Eve, drove them around and then robbed them of their furs and jewelry.

    :ata justin mcCarthy trial 1947

     ata justin McCarthy 1947

    "Down to less than 100 pounds and wrapped in a blanket, Justin William McCarthy, 26, Park Ave. gem and fur robber, sat in a detention cell on the 12th Floor of the Criminal Courts Building yesterday."

    By the following June, suffering from dysentry contracted in North Africa during WWII, he was too sick to appear in court. "I just want to get this thing all over with", he said.

    The judge ordered the prisoner transferred to Riker's Island where he could have special medical treatment. 

    He was sentenced to '10 to 20 years' in 1948.

    d 10 Oct 1998 - Denver CO

  • Miller, Burton Craig

     M.344  First Officer Burton Craig Miller 
     flag usa  b. 8 Jul 1917, Louisville, KY 20 Feb 1941 to 19 Feb 1942 

     ata burton miller



    Mother: Zula [Troutman]

    Ed. Purdue University

    Next of Kin: (Father) Rodney Deane Miller, 7314 Phillips Ave, Chicago, IL. He was an accountant.

     prev. Flight Instructor for Athens Airways, Inc, Ohio

    prev.exp. 800 hrs

     Postings: 1FPP

    Suspended for 3 days in Dec-41 for 'contravention of daily standing orders';

    Suspended for 7 days and fined $25 in Feb-42 for breaches of flying discipline (dangerous flying).

    "Absolutely top class in every way; ability, keenness, influence and work unsurpassed" (Blimey)

    However, his camera was confiscated by the ATA in July 1941 after a letter home was intercepted, containing photographs of aircraft and expressing his dissatisfaction with the ATA.

    The ATA Security Officer suggested that he be searched at the port of departure for photographs and undeveloped film.

     Joined RAF Ferry Command but d. 22 Jun 1943 (age 25): Marauder FK129 crashed 35 m W of Borinquen, Puerto Rico

    Commemorated on the Ottawa Memorial

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Miller, Paul Theodore

     M.195 * First Officer  Paul Theodore Miller 

    flag usa

     b. 26 Oct 1905, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  12 Aug 1940 to 9 Jan 1941 

      ata paul miller 1940 1940      


    divorced 1928

    m. Sep 1937 Irene Katherine [Matthews] in Delaware, Indiana

    Address in 1940: Anderson, Indiana

    Transferred to AtFero Jan 41

    Back for a brief vacation on 26 Jan 1941, Paul said that "flying American-built bombers across the Atlantic to England is safer than ferrying planes to the fighting squadrons."

    "Although he has flown a British Spitfire fighter as fast as 400 miles an hour, Miller said the British fighter currently considered the best is a type lnown as the bullfighter [sic], powered by two 1,200 hp liquid cooled engines." :-)

    "Paul T Miller, formerly connected with the Muncie Airport, is now engaged flying Lockeed-Hudson planes from Canada to England for the British. Miller was paid $1,000 for delivering two of the planes to England and was given a $500 bonus for safe arrival." 


  • Morrison, John

     M.358 * First Officer  John ?A Morrison 

    flag usa

    b. 1916/17, Nebraska  19 May 1941 to 30 May 1942 




    ATA file missing, so just guesswork:


    prev. Flight Instructor

    Address in 1940: Minneapolis MN

    He travelled back to Montreal on 18 Jun 1942 with his fellow American ferry pilots James Ansley, Clay Steffee, Russell Gates, Stuart Updike, Russell Gibson, Keith Williams, Kenneth Fogelberg, Nicholas Pickard, William Ressegger, and Clarence Conner.

    ? Joined RAF Ferry Command but d. 20 Nov 1942, when his Baltimore FA179 burst a tyre taking off at Geneina, Sudan. 2 of his crew were also injured

  • Nelson, Irving Gustave

     M.229  First Officer Irving Gustave Nelson 

    flag usa

     b. 22 Sep 1911, Bridgeport CT. 27 Aug 1940 to 26 Aug 1941 



    Next of Kin: (mother) Mrs Barbara Louise [Albrecht] Nelson, 2428 Main St., Stratford, CT.

    Ed. High School, Stratford

    m. Nina [Matzko], 1 daughter

    Address in 1940: 146 Warwick Ave., Stratford, CT.

    Arrived in England 6 Sep 1940

    Postings: 2 FPP

    "A good, useful pilot with a clean record. Somewhat dilatory apart from flying."

    "Rather fussy about what he flew in the last month of his contract."

    "Discipline and conduct off-duty good."

    Transferred to AtFero

    Sailed back to Montreal on 30 Aug 1941 with fellow pilots Hubert Timmermans, Gilbert Tobin, Clarence Goza and Lewis Hunter.

    In August 1953, the Hartford Courant reported that the annual Tuna Tournament had been a wash out; "Irving G. Nelson of the Stratford entry was the only one who got a strike, and his was a shark." The following year, it was washed out again, this time by a hurricane; 22 of the 77 entries were sunk or disabled, including Irving's 'Tony B', which rammed into some pillars.

     ata irving nelson grave Union Cemetery, Stratford CT

    d. 19 May 1955, Bridgeport, CT.

    Former proprietor of Nelson's Restaurant in Startford; "Mr Nelson was employed for the last three years as a service representative for the Avco Corporation. He was a veteran of World War II, having served as a Royal Canadian Air Force ferry pilot. He joined the RCAF in August of 1940 and flew planes across the Atlantic to Britain. He was discharged with the rank of Captain."

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Perlick, Robert Edmund

     M.248  First Officer Robert Edmund 'Bob' Perlick 

    flag usa

      b. 12 Dec 1903, San Francisco, CA 9 Sep 1940 to 20 Mar 1941 

     ata bob perlick 1930 1930  ata bob perlick 1939 1939

     ata bob perlick 

    With thanks to Robert Stitt



    Ed. High School, 1 yr of college

    His first wife Berndine [Myers] was killed in a car accident in 1928

    prev. Corporal in US Army Apr 1917 to Feb 1919, then a charter pilot

    He competed in the 1937 Bendix Air Derby from Los Angeles to Cleveland, (won by Frank Fuller) but damaged his Beechcraft in a ground-loop, and in the following year (won by Jaqueline Cochran, later of the ATA) he finished outside the time allowed for completion.

    For the 1939 race, he was due to fly Amelia Earhart's old Lockheed Vega but it was by then too slow to be competitive and he withdrew before the start.

    In 1939, he was one of "about 20 people in the world who make a living as 'sky-writers' - using smoke to write letters a mile long at 125mph." In May he wrote a new record-length message of 23 letters: HELLO NAVY - DRINK PEPSI-COLA to welcome the fleet home to Wilmington, CA.

    On 6 Jun 1940, he flew Beechcraft Staggerwing NC16441 from Turtle Bay, Mexico to Lindbergh Field, San Diego, CA

     Address in 1940: Grapevine, Texas; later 24 W 55 St, New York.

    Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP

    One accident: 25 October 1940, when he did a wheels-up landing in a Fairey Battle after engine failure.

    Seconded to AtFero 20 Mar 1941

    He held the record for a Montreal to Scotland crossing, 19hrs 50min.

    His flights for AtFero as an ATA pilot in 1941 include:

       From  Aircraft Notes
    23 May - 2 Jun Bahamas PBY Catalina W8428  
    4 Jun - 9 Jun  UK Liberator AM918 (Passenger)

    Three Liberators were initially converted to Liberator C.Mk.I (for "cargo") freighters: (AM915AM918AM920) and used on the Transatlantic for returning aircraft ferry pilots to Canada

    AM918 (after being transfered to BOAC with civil registry G-AGDR) was shot down in error by a Spitfire over the English Channel on 15 February 1942 with all nine on board killed

    10 Jun - 4 Jul Montreal Hudson V AM815  
    5 Jul - 8 Jul UK Liberator AM920 (Passenger) Liberator C.Mk.I see AM918
    9 Jul - 24 Jul Montreal Hudson V AE644  
    25 Jul - 6 Aug UK Liberator AM260 (Passenger) 14 Aug 1941: B-24 Liberator AM260 crashed and burned on takeoff from Heathfield, Ayr. 22 killed including 4 ATA pilots
    6 Aug -11 Aug  Montreal Hudson III V9184 Crashed at Moncton, N.B. on 11 Aug
    15 Aug - 22 Aug Montreal Hudson III V9190  
    25 Aug - 3 Sep UK Liberator AM258 (Passenger)  
    3 Sep - 12 Sep Montreal Hudson III AE540  
    13 Sep - 19 Sep UK Liberator AM920 (Passenger) Liberator C.Mk.I  see AM918
    1 Oct - 3 Nov Montreal Liberator AL518 sold to Scottish Aviation for spares Sep 19, 1946
    4 Dec - 31 Dec Montreal Liberator AL556 hit obstruction on landing and undercarriage collapsed at Thruxton Jan 26, 1942


    He was still a ferry pilot in Mar 1945, then returned to airline flying, then real estate.

    d. 1981 - San Bernadino, CA

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Petach, Julius

     M.633  2nd Officer Julius 'Pete' Petach 
     flag usa   b. 12 Aug 1916, McKeesport, PA 3 Aug 1941 to 2 Aug 1942 

     ata julius petatch 1933  1933

     ata julius petach 1944 1944    


    Father: John Petach; mother Helen [Plovajka], both originally from Slovakia

    Ed. Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH

    prev. Commercial Flying for Riddle Aeronautical Institute, Arcadia;

    Flight Cadet in USAAC Aug 1940 - Mar 1941

    Address in 1941: 1808 Tacoma Ave, McKeesport, PA

    Postings: 1FPP

    Off sick from 16 Nov 1941 to 18 Mar 1942 after an aircraft crash:

    - 15 Nov 1941, he made a forced landing in an Oxford after engine failure; severely injured ("numerous gashes on his forehead and arms"). Responsibility not established.


    - 1 Aug 1942,  he mishandled the controls and the tail rose too quickly when taking off in a Walrus (pilot blamed)

    "A safe pilot, desperately keen and over-anxious to get on. Is very over-confident, which can be said to be his only fault, and requires rather severe handling to be held in restraint."

    He met Helen Richey, also from McKeesport, during his training, Later he said of her, "that girl has enough flying ability for three people. She can handle any plane they give her and was flying Spitfires when I left. She asked me to tell her family that she is all right."

    1942-44 Joined Pan American C.N.A.C. and flew supplies from India to China, over the Himalayas - see CNAC Captain Julius Petach

    ata petach and allen CNAC 1944 (l), with Peter Gouterie and Ray Allen (ex-ATA)

    "They don't bother to go to church, these hard-bitten pilots who are flying the Hump, China's life line over the Roof of the World.. 'They don't have to', says cocky, cynical little Captain Julius Petach, all man, every inch of his brief five-foot-two who has followed the adventure trail from his home in comfortable, middle-class Tahoma Street in Port Vue to the sky lanes over Burma and India and China."

    He said, "There's been more prayin' in the last year and a half on the route over the Hump than in any other country. In fact, there's plenty of time when all you've got left is a prayer." Pittsburg Post-Gazette

    [In the interview, he claimed to have previously delivered planes 'across the Atlantic', so it's possible that he briefly joined RAF Ferry Command between leaving ATA and joining CNAC in November 1942.]

    m. 1947 in Winchester, VA,  ata elise petach Antoinette Elise [Hach, d.2010] (2 children)

    Later a Customer Engineer for IBM

    d. 8 Oct 2000 (age 84) - Louisville, KY

    Buried Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY


     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

  • Phillips, Harold Cecil

     M.111 * First Officer  Harold Cecil Phillips 

    flag usa

     b. 25 Apr 1912, Fort Worth, TX  17 Aug 1940 to 13 Jan 1941 




    USA Licence 26943

    prev. Army Air Corps instructor at Love Field, TX

    Address in 1940: 1112, Plum St, Graham, TX

    Postings: 1FPP, 2FPP

    "Did good work in this Pool [2FPP]"

    Did 87 hrs ferrying on 16 different Class I and II aircraft.

    He and Horace Heising were actually reported "killed in combat with Nazi attackers over London" in October 1940, but he sent a couple of cablegrams to his wife and mother (Mrs T W Christie) saying "I am all right. Letter follows. Hoping to see you Christmas."

    On his return to the US, her discounted the effectiveness of anti-aircraft fire. "If they get to shooting at your level, you just move up and wait until they find your new range." [Mind you, as he flew only over the Atlantic and the UK, I'm not sure how he knew this, unless he was referring to the British AA fire.]

    Transferred to AtFero 13 Jan 1941

     Sailed from Batavia to New York with Horace Heising in Feb 1942.

    Post-WWII, Tax Assessor-Collector in Hardeman County, TX 

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Photos of life in RAF Ferry Command

     Constant Penn's colour photos 

    Constant 'Penn' Wilson, along with many other ATA pilots, subsequently served with RAF Ferry Command.

    Penn was in 113 Sqn - RAF Ferry Command's Southern Atlantic Wing - for the remainder of WW2.

    A mixture of military and civilian pilots from various Allied nations ferried aircraft from Montreal to Britain, via Nassau (The Bahamas), Natal (Brazil), Accra (Gold Coast, now Ghana), Maiduguri (Nigeria), Cairo (Egypt), and Rabat (Morocco).

    Here are some of the photographs Penn took at the time, sent to me by his grand-daughter, Penny Forester.

    Most background information comes from 'Ocean Bridge', by Carl A Christie.

    Atlantic Liberator engines 

     Unknown B 24 Passenger Compartment

    Liberator engines over the Atlantic

    B-24 passenger compartment

    Unknown Penn flying C 47 Unknown Lockheed PV 1 Ventura

    Penn flying a Dakota

    Lockheed PV-1 Ventura

    SS Pasteur Carl Lange and Penn SS Pasteur Two Scotsmen

    Penn and Carl Lange on board the troopship 'SS Pasteur'

    ... and two Scotsmen

    Nassau, The Bahamas (Headquarters of the South Atlantic Wing)

    Aircrew who flew for Ferry Command were the first to admit that most of their experiences lacked the hardships and dangers that other airmen had to endure during the war; some ferry Command personnel wrote back to the northern hemisphere complaining of 'boredom and sunburn'.

    Nassau Bahamas HQ 113 South Atlantic Wing Nassau Bahamas Hangars

    HQ 113 South Atlantic Wing

    Dakotas and B-29

    Nassau Bahamas Bar Tenders Royal Victoria Hotel   Nassau Bahamas Bruce Raymon and Albert Sharp at Paradise Beach

     Bar Tenders, The Royal Victoria Hotel

     Bruce Raymon and Albert Sharp at Paradise Beach

     Nassau Bahamas Bruce Raymon and Margaret Wunder 2  Nassau Bahamas C 47s at Windsor Field

     Bruce Raymon and Margaret Wunder

     Dakotas and Liberator at Windsor Field

     Nassau Bahamas Crew Assembly 113 South Atlantic Wing  Nassau Bahamas Dot Johnson and Penn New Year 1945

     Crew Assembly, 113 South Atlantic Wing

     Dot Johnson and Penn, New Year 1945

     Nassau Bahamas Paradise Beach 4  

     Paradise Beach



    Natal, Brazil

    Natal was the jumping-off point for the 1900-mile flight across the South Atlantic to West Africa.

    Jack Groover Durham, another ex-ATA pilot, went missing in April 1943 in a flight from Natal.

     Natal Control Tower

    Control Tower

    Accra, Gold Coast

    Accra was the main western terminus of the trans-Africa airway for multi-engine aircraft. A round trip from Miami to Accra took about seventy-five hours in a Liberator.

    Paul Bleecker Makepeace, an ex-ATA pilot, was lost out of Accra on a fllight to Natal in January 1943.

    Accra Ghana Gate at RAF Camp

    Gate at RAF Camp

    Maiduguri, Nigeria

     Maiduguri was an RAF Station in WWII. There are 7 Commonwealth War Graves there from that time.

    Nigeria Mess in Maiduguri   Nigeria Transit quarters in Maiduguri

    Airmens' Mess

    Transit Quarters

    Cairo, Egypt

    After the difficult flight to Khartoum, the 1,000 mile flight to Cairo was the easiest; pilots followed the green valley of the Nile River until a distant view of the Pyramids heralded the end of the long journey.

    Cairo Egypt Bud Parsons and Penn on Nile  Cairo Egypt Citadel

    Bud Parsons and Penn on the Nile


    Cairo Egypt Penn at top of Mosque Cairo Egypt Shepheards Hotel 

    Penn at top of Mosque

    Shepheard's Hotel, where, according to ferry pilot Don McVicar, "without our

    spray gun to kill cockroaches we would have been eaten alive"

    Rabat Salé, Morocco

    Rabat-Salé is now an international airport and the First Air Base of the Royal Moroccan Air Force.

    Rabat Morocco Al Leeward   Rabat Morocco B 24 Liberator

     Al Leeward

     B-24 Liberator

     Rabat Morocco Wellington  



    Prestwick, Scotland

    Prestwick Scotland Head Porter Curtis

    Head Porter Curtis

    Penn also apparently managed a visit to Allahabad, India:

     India Taj Mahal 2 Allahabad India Human Skulls 

     Taj Mahal from the air

     Human Skulls

  • Pickard, Nicholas Gibbs

     M.483 First Officer  Nicholas Gibbs Pickard 

    flag usa

     b. 5 Nov 1916,Brooklyn NY  23 May 1941 to 6 Jun 1942 

     ata nicholas pickard

     ata nicholas pickard 1948 1948    


    Father: Ward Wilson Pickard, a lawyer; Mother: Alice [Rossington]

    Ed. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.S. Engineering)

    Prev. Airline Engineer, pilot for TWA and "deep sea navigator"

    prev. exp. 400hrs

    Address in 11941: 131 Satterthwaite Ave, Nutley NJ

    Arrived in the UK 2 Jun 1941

    Postings: 6FPP, 2FPP, 4bFPP

    Reprimanded in January 1942 for flying aircraft without permission

    One accident, his fault:

    - 10 Jan 1942, when he mishandled the brake lever on landing his Rapide and the aircraft tipped over onto its nose.

    He divided opinion among his instructors and COs; either:

    "A capable pilot but flies in bad weather far too much. Grumbles a lot and 'shoots a line' which makes him a troublesome pilot" (Peter Mursell), or

    "This pilot is dependable, conscientious and tireless. By applying his ingenuity and a comprehensive knowledge of meteorology to the problems of flying in difficult weather he carries out flights such that critics who lack his skill and vision may conclude that he is a so-called 'bad weather pilot'. I am unable to subscribe to the above remarks to the effect that he 'shoots a line'; indeed I have found the reverse to be the case." (Douglas Fairweather)

    Returned to the USA on the 18 Jun 1942 with fellow ATA ferry pilots James Ansley, Clay Steffee, John Morrison, Kenneth Fogelberg, Stuart Updike, Russell Gibson, Keith Williams, Russell Gates, William Ressegger, and Clarence Conner.

    Transferred to RAF Ferry Command

    NA B 45

     d. 20 Sep 1948 (age 31) when he and George Krebs were test-piloting a North American B-45 Tornado, which exploded in flight near Alpaugh, CA.

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):

    download grey

  • Salmon, Harold Nigel Egerton

     M.678 First Officer  Harold Nigel Egerton 'Harry' or 'Sammy' Salmon
     flag england b. 19 Jul 1909, London  27 Jan 1942 to  28 Feb 1943




    Father: Capt. William Francis Egerton RN; Mother: Laura Jean Mary Stevenson

    Ed. St Lawrence School, Ramsgate

     prev. RAF 1933-1941 (Flt-Lt, a former Battle of Britain pilot, but was dismissed in Nov 1941 for "siphoning off service petrol for his car")

      Harry and Celia bbm.org.uk

    Next of kin (wife): Celia Joan Salmon, 10 Crawley Mews, S Kensington, London SW7

    From 29 Mar 1942, an instructor at AFTS

    "A pilot of exceptional ability and a most enthusiastic and capable flying instructor"

    Veronica Volkersz was one of his pupils in April 1942: "Our instructor, tall, good-looking Harry Salmon, was a recent importation into ATA from the RAF"


     B 25 Mitchell

    d. 6 Dec 1943 when a pilot for RAF Ferry Command, in Mitchell FW159 lost out of Goose Bay. 3 other crew also died.

     Commemorated on the Ottawa Memorial, Panel 3, Column 2


    Full story (apart from the ATA bit!) here: http://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/Salmon.htm

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

  • Sandeman, Robert Hugh Malcolm

     M.35 Flight Captain  Robert Hugh Malcolm Sandeman 

    flag england

      b. 18 Jun 1908, Leicester 11 Sep 1939 to Sep-42 


    ata robert sandeman  1937


    March 1941



    Educated at Malvern, and Chillon College Switzerland

    A Stockbroker in 1937

    m. 26 Apr 1940 in Chelsea, Angie [de Waltersdorff]

    Address in 1940: 47 Rossmore Court, London NW

    Left ATA in September 1942 and transferred to RAF Ferry Command.


    d. 12 Nov 1942 in RAF Ferry Command, flying Catalina FP209 of 117 Sqn from Dorval which crashed in the Strait of Canso.

    Commemorated at Runnymede.

    ata runnymede annibal sandeman

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Scott, Stuart William Anthony

     M.69 * Captain  Stuart William Anthony Scott 
     flag england b. 19 Jan 1909 , Dunsford, Exeter  23 Jun 1940 to 7 Oct 1941




    Father: Arthur Matthew Cecil Scott, a farmer. Mother: Mabel Dorothy Mary [Hardy]

    Ed. King Edward VI School, Stratford-on-Avon

    RAeC Certificate 10357 dated 9 Mar 1932, at Liverpool Aero Club in an Avian.

    He owned G-EBWU, a 1928 Avro 594 Avian III, which had competed in the King's Cup in 1930 and 1931.

    Address in 1932: Moor House, Totnes, S. Devon

    m. 3 Jul 1937 in Christ Church, Surrey, Sheila Eileen [Roberts]  (2 children)


     prev. Airline pilot (Gravesend Aviation, Provincial Airways and Air Despatch; Imperial Airways from 1937).



     Transferred to AtFero

     "During the war he carried out operational flights over Scandinavia and with the North Atlantic Ferry Service. To-day he commands a 8.0.A.C. Stratocruiser airliner with which the Corporation operate their service across the North Atlantic to New York and Montreal."


    In 1955, the first British pilot to have flown the Atlantic 500 times:


     d. 1984 - N. Dorset

    * ATA Personnel File Missing

  • Scribbins, John Robert


     M.417  First Officer  John Robert Scribbins
     flag usa  b. 14 Apr 1919, Decatur, Illinois 19 Mar 1941 to  17 Mar 1942




    Father: John Adin Scribbins, an architect, Mother: Lula Irene [Nelson] of 510 McKinley Ave, Kewanee, IL

     Ed. Kewanee High School; Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at Purdue University, Sep 1937 - June 1939

     at West Lafayette, Purdue University 1938


    prev. Asst Records Engineer for Allison Engineering, Indianapolis, Indiana

    prev. exp. 325 hrs in Cub, Aeronca, Taylorcraft, Waco F2, F7, Cabin (private owner)

     Draft Card, dated 1940

    Address in 1941: 1217 N New Jersey St, Indianapolis, IN

     Postings: 2FPP, 15FPP, 3FPP, 1FPP


    Off sick from 18 Jan to 26 Feb 1942 with "Twisted Ankle", which he did alighting from a taxi Anson


    Suspended 2 May 1941 for a week, without pay, due to "breach of flying regulations"


    2 accidents, both his fault:

    - 14 Jun 1941, he landed tail-first in a Hurricane and the tailwheel broke off

    - 29 Aug 1941, his Master I collided with an Oxford and crashed into a fence while trying to take off;

    Suspended 30 Aug 1941 for 4 days and fined $10 for "flying aircraft contrary to instructions, subsequent accident"


    Reprimanded 13 Mar 1942 for using a camera at White Waltham (to take pictures of the King and Queen when they visited the airfield on 13 Feb 1942). "The lightness of the award is due to the fact of F/O Scribbins' excellent record while in ATA, and the fact that he has only 9 days more to complete before the end of his contract"


    "A keen pilot and a good officer"

    The ATA offered to extend his contract, but he transferred to RAF Ferry Command

     d. 30 Dec 1942 in Boston IIIa BZ238, which went missing between Georgetown, British Guiana, and Belem, Brazil. The navigator and radio officer were also lost.




    Commemorated in Oak Lawn Memorial GardensGalesburgKnox CountyIllinoisUSA


    A Board of Officers was convened at White Waltham on the 13 Nov 1944, to decide what do do with "3 badly damaged books of Technical Notes belonging to the late F/O J R Scribbins". They sent them for incineration.


    Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

  • Slingsby, Harold Gordon

     M.302  First Officer  Harold Gordon 'Buzz' Slingsby
    flag usa  b. 17 Aug 1908, St Paul, MN  12 Sep 1940 to 3 Apr 1941

     ata harold slingsby 1942LA Times, 1942


    March 1941



    Ed. High School, Los Altos; Electrical Engineering Diploma

    Address in 1940: (father, Thomas Harry Slingsby) 134W Los Altos, CA

    prev. pilot

     Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP

    3 accidents, 2 his fault:

    - 20 Oct 1940, he failed to open the hood of his Hurricane and it slid back on approach. Due to dust in his eyes, he misjudged the landing and dropped a wing

    - 21 Dec 1940, the airscrew of his Spitfire was damaged on landing, after he bounced on some unflagged obstructions

    - 8 Jan 1941, he landed his Botha with the undercarriage retracted

    Seconded to AtFero

    "Harold Gordon 'Buzz' Slingsby was a pilot, ground photographer and aerial photographer by trade, and reporter, detective and soldier of fortune by heart". (Santa Cruz Evening News, 1940)

    He received a second award in two months for 'meritorious service' from Gen. MacArthur in Sep 1942.

    "He may be a hero, but he never says a word about it in his letters" said his wife Laura.

    Laura was "in the publicity and photography business with her husband in San Francisco for several years"

    d. 26 Jun 1985 - Camp Verde, AZ

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Tobin, Gilbert Sheppard

     M.303  First Officer Gilbert Sheppard Tobin 

    flag usa

      b. 27 Feb 1914, Newark, N.J. 30 Aug 1940 to 29 Aug 1941 


    ata gilbert tobin 2




    Father: Clarence E Tobin (d. 1958), mother Alberta [Klump]

    Ed. High School; Navigation Course

    m. Meriel [Miller], 4 children

    prev. Commercial Flying and 'Petroleum Business' - he ran a service station.

    In 1937, he was warned by a mysterious telephone caller that he would "get the works", after he cut his price to 12.5 cents a gallon when the prevailing price locally was 15.9 cents. The hoses were slashed on four of his gas pumps, but he renewed them. He protested he was willing to work with other dealers and "couldn't understand the cause of the attacks."

    prev. exp. 597 hrs

    Address in 1940: 64 Pease Ave, Verona, NJ

    Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP

    Grounded for 1 week in Aug 1941 for "Disobedience of orders"

    4 accidents, 2 his fault:

    - 23 Oct 1940, he "broke" a Hurricane after getting lost and choosing an unsuitable field to land;

    - 13 Mar 1941, overshot in a Spitfire, partly due to oil on the windscreen but "this does not clear pilot from responsibility"

    - 25 May 1941, commended for a successful forced landing after engine failure in a Whitley;

    - 13 Jul 1941, force-landed a Fairchild after engine failure.

    "Keen pilot. Had usual navigation difficulties experienced by American pilots at first."

    "Proved himself a very capable pilot and navigator. When he wanted to he could work extremely well but he has a bombastic manner which often leads to difficulty and unpleasantness."

    Served with RAF Ferry Command from September 1941. "I liked England all right, but I got sick of eating cabbage", he said. "Its' all right for the English, who seem to be used to eating very little, but for Americans it's tough."

    ata gilbert tobin

    More at https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/aviation-history

    Later moved to Montreal and ran an Air Transport Service.

    d. 17 Aug 1977 - Montreal

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Voelpel, Lyman Verne

     M.94 First Officer  Lyman Verne Voelpel 

    flag usa

      b. 5 Nov 1904, Clinton, IA 19 Aug 1940 to 3 Apr 1941 


    ata lyman voelpel 1930

     "The famous flier of gliders, who looped thirteen times in a glider, breaking his own world's record"  (Indianapolis Star, 1930)



    Ed. Clinton High School, Business College in Clinton and Los Angeles.

    prev. m. 1924 Florence A. [Paton] (divorced 1933)

    Fined $1,000 and jailed for 3 months in 1925, along with his father E.W. Voelpel, a "wealthy Clinton manufacturer of soft drinks" (who got 1 year), for "illegal transportation and possession of intoxicating liquor."

    "He is a friend of Col. Lindbergh."

    ata lyman voelpel 1931

    About the same time that Roscoe Turner had Gilmore the lion cub in his cockpit, in 1931 Lyman had 'Simba', a mountain lion cub. "In three months I'll have to confine Zimba in a cage", he said, "He's growing too fast, and you can't always trust a mountain lion."

    Religion: "Confuscious"

    prev. an automobile mechanic and salesman; "airplane mechanic by actual experience in 15 years. Trained in barnstorming all over the US. 7 months with China National Air Force."

    prev. exp. 2,800hrs

    ata lyman voelpel 1938

    In Hankow, China in 1938, with his "first gunner, a Chinese youth trained to handle machine guns and protect the giant Chinese bombing ships in combat" behind him. (The Courier, Waterloo)

    Address in 1940: 714 Park, Independence, MO

    Travelled to the UK on SS Antonia, (27 Aug - 6 Sep 1940) with fellow pilots

    - Jay Herald Cordner;

    - John McDonald (M.92);

    - Hubert Timmermans;

    - Walter Trimble (M.112) and

    - Barrs Whilden.

    Postings: 1FPP, 2FPP.  Seconded to AtFero.

     ata lyman voelpel 1943 In 1943, showing his 'Chinese safe conduct pass"

    m. 1944 Georgia [Wilson]

    Resident in Escondido, CA in 1973

    d 1984 - Los Angeles  

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  • Webber, Clarence Joseph

     M.164(1) (see also M.164(2) Wimmer, Roy)  First Officer  Clarence Joseph Webber
    flag usa b. 26 Sep 1913, Hardwick, MN  14 Sep 1940 to 13 Sep 1941

     ata clarence webber 1939




    Ed, High School, Business College

    prev. Commercial Pilot and Instructor, and a bus driver for Madison Bus Co.

    Address in 1940 (mother) Route 2 University Park, Madison, WI

    Postings: 6FPP

    He "never liked tea very well, and that's one of the things he has to drink in England". He also complained about his cold, damp room.

    Seconded to AtFero from 20 Mar to  29 May 1941

    m. 1941 Pearl J [Quam]

    Captain for Pan American in 1942, based in Miami; he sent this photo of himself from Egypt:

    ata clarence webber 1942

     d. 29 Dec 1951 in the crash near Napoli, New York of Continental Charters Flight 44-2, a domestic non scheduled passenger flight from Miami, Florida to Buffalo, New York .

    "The twin engine C-46 Commando, registration N3944C, crashed approximately 10:25 pm in adverse weather conditions. Of the four crew and 36 passengers on board, 3 crew members and 23 passengers perished. The flight crew's poor judgment in attempting a flight by visual reference during instrument weather conditions was the cause of the accident." Wikipedia


     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Wetzel, Martin Joseph

     M.234 *  First Officer Martin Joseph 'Marty' Wetzel 

    flag usa

     b. 1913, New York, NY  c. 26 Sep 1940 to 14 Aug 1941 

     ata martin wetzel 1940 1940  ata martin wetzel  ata martin wetzel feb 41 Feb 1941  


    both parents German

    Moved to Jamesburg, NJ at age 5

    prev. a bricklayer, prize fighter (professional welterweight then light-heavyweight, apparently), cabaret dancer, organiser of a dance orchestra, and political work (Member of the Middlesex County Democratic Committee)

    He also owned a night club (The Paddock) and was the owner and founder of Jamesburg Airport.

    He had been flying for about 6 years, and owned a "5-passenger Fleet biplane." 

    m. (separated)

    Address in 1940: Monroe, NJ

    Arrived in the UK on the 'Duchess of Atholl' 5 Oct 1940, with fellow pilots Roger Inman, Howard Mussey, Edward Vencill, William Cummings and Constant Wilson.

     He and Franklyn Mershon were recruited together by Erroll Boyd. "He checked everything in a big file. My German name probably made him suspicious."

    Once in the ATA, he said his only worry was "the Brooklyn Dodger baseball team."

     "On her last fatal flight Amy Johnson and Wetzel were on the same 'run'. Martin wrote that he was forced down because of the weather but Amy Johnson went on to her death.

    Wetzel has been through several air raids but still is unable to sleep through one undisturbed. That is not the case with Franklyn Mershon of Robinsville, who went abroad with Wetzel. "Mershon doesn't wake up even in the worst of it. One night the explosions shook me out of bed so often I decided to stay up. I went to Mershon's room but he was still snoring away as if nothing was happening." Central New Jersey Home News

    Seconded to AtFero, Apr 1941

    B 24 Liberator RAF Bomber

    d. 14 Aug 1941 - one of four ATA pilots, travelling as passengers, among the 22 killed in the crash of Liberator AM260 when taking off from Ayr.

    The others were Philip Lee (M.228), Buster Trimble and Elbert Anding.

     The cause of the crash was that "the pilot in command [Cpt Richard Charles Stafford of BOAC] started the take off procedure from runway 06 which was not suitable for the takeoff as it was too short for such aircraft."

    buried Cambridge American Cemetery

    ata martin wetzel grave


  • Wilson, Constant Penn

     M.235  First Officer Constant Penn Wilson III 

    flag usa

      b. 23 Aug 1915, Fort Smith, Arkansas 26 Sep 1940 to 25 Sep 1941 

     ata constant penn wilson ATA  ata constant penn wilson 1963 1963    


    Ed. Fort Smith High School and Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa, OK

    prev. a Commercial Pilot

    prev. exp. 1500 hrs

    Next of kin: (Aunt) Nillie Collin Wilson, RFD #1 Fort Smith, AK

    Arrived in the UK on the 'Duchess of Atholl' 5 Oct 1940, with fellow pilots Roger Inman, Howard Mussey, Edward Vencill, Martin Wetzel and William Cummings.

    Postings: 4FPP, 3FPP

    Off sick with (ahem) Venereal Disease from 11 Oct 1940 to 5 Jan 1941, which meant that he didn't start his training until 8 Jan 1941.

    One accident, not his fault:

    - 15 Mar 1941, forced landing in a Hurricane after engine failure.

    His initial flight test (at Uplands Airport in Ottowa) rated his flying as generally very good, but described him as "an unpreposessing type."

    His C.O. at 4FPP also rated him a "good pilot."

    Joined the Atlantic Ferry Service in WWII - see his colour photographs taken at the time

     m. 1945 Joan Evan [Peterson] and moved to Texas. This is his temporary visa to visit Brazil in 1963:

    ata constant penn wilson visa

    d. 2 Oct 1997, Houston TX

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Zimmerman, Paul Ernest

     M.317 First Officer  Paul Ernest Zimmerman
     flag_usa.jpg b. 15 Jan 1904, Crandon, Wisconsin  25 Sep 1940 to 31 Oct 1941 




    Father: Daniel Henry Zimmerman, mother Esther [Smart]



    New York, Wednesday.

    The freighter Freida has wirelessed the Mackay Radio Company that she has rescued the airmen Paul Zimmerman and Edward Moodie, who were attempting to fly to Porto Rico and were forced down off the Virginia coast yesterday morning." - Yorkshire Evening Post 16 Dec 1931


    prev. a railroad brakeman; Flight Instructor for Republic of Honduras, Jul 1936-Feb 1937

    He travelled back to the US from Honduras in May 1938

    Address in 1940: 150 State Street, Albany NY

     Postings: 2FPP


    Seconded to AtFero


     Flew to Baltimore from Foynes, Eire on BOAC's Boeing Model 314A 'Clipper', G-AGCA "Berwick" with Gordon Store as pilot, arriving 2 Jun 1942



    Paul's Registration Card, dated September 1943


    Holder of the Transtlantic Air Record in 1944:

    "Another Record.

    Air Ministry News Service also announce a new Transatlantic air record with Liberator by the Atlantic Group of the Transport Command.

    Captain Paul Zimmerman and his crew made non-stop flights from Montreal to Britain and back. They returned in the same aircraft in 39 hours 17 minutes, including a stop of 9 hours 19 minutes in Britain. The airborne time for the double crossing of 6300 statute miles was thus only 29 hours 58 minutes. The direct flight from Montreal to Britain was made in 15 hours 9 minutes, and the return in 14 hours 49 minutes " - Dundee Evening Telegraph, 10 Mar 1944


    Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey 

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  • AFTS - Advanced Flying Training School (1942–45)


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