M.--- 2nd Officer  Walter Bowman McAlister 

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  b. 24 Jan 1901, Jackboro, Texas 14 Aug 1940 to 12 Sep 1940 


  Ed. 3 years of college

m. [divorced 1939]

prev. Pilot for Southern Air Transport "on the Dallas-Brownsville run"

Address in 1940: 830 Schley Ave, San Antonio, TX

"McAlister was in London during several German air raids. He was cut on the head by a piece of flying shrapnel from an anti-aircraft gun. The railroad station by which he was leaving the city had its roof blown away. 'We looked up and could actually see the bombs coming. I just knew one had my name on it, but the nearest one landed a block away." 26 Nov 1940.

Joined AtFero?

Drafted into US Military 26 Aug 1942

d. 18 Apr 1950 - Fort Worth, TX 

 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


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