M.246  First Officer Thomas Leonard 'Tom' Livermore Jr 

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 b. 18 Oct 1908, Telluride, CO  14 Sep 1940 to 1 Feb 1942 

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March 1941



Next of Kin: (mother)  Sibyl/Sibbel H B Livermore, 667 South Palm Ave, Sarasota, FL

Father d. 1935

Ed. Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville GA, and Sarasota High

prev. Crop Dusting pilot

Co-pilot of the Curtiss Robin 'Sealdsweet', which attempted (several times) to establish a 100-hour refuelling endurance flight record in 1929.. They refuelled from another Curtiss Robin named the 'Mor-Juce', but a series of mechanical problems meant they eventually abandoned the attempt.

prev. exp. 2400 hrs, "practically all on medium and heavy aircraft. Has a commercial pilot's license."

m. 1934 Carline [Whitney], 1 daughter Barbara b. 1936

 Postings: 6FPP

1 accident, his fault:

- 26 Feb 1941, he landed his Whitley at the wrong aerodrome and struck an obstruction when taking off again.

 "Smooth and accurate in the air. Is very fine type."

Seconded to AtFero 15 Mar 1941

B 24 Liberator RAF Bomber

 d. 14 Oct 1942 (age 33) in a Liberator crash after taking off from Trinidad. The plane had mistakenly taken off on the emergency fuel tanks only, and all engines stopped after the plane had climbed a few hundred feet.

Accepted for commemoration on the Ottowa Memorial in 2018.

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