M.111 * First Officer  Harold Cecil Phillips 

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 b. 25 Apr 1912, Fort Worth, TX  17 Aug 1940 to 13 Jan 1941 




USA Licence 26943

prev. Army Air Corps instructor at Love Field, TX

Address in 1940: 1112, Plum St, Graham, TX

Postings: 1FPP, 2FPP

"Did good work in this Pool [2FPP]"

Did 87 hrs ferrying on 16 different Class I and II aircraft.

He and Horace Heising were actually reported "killed in combat with Nazi attackers over London" in October 1940, but he sent a couple of cablegrams to his wife and mother (Mrs T W Christie) saying "I am all right. Letter follows. Hoping to see you Christmas."

On his return to the US, her discounted the effectiveness of anti-aircraft fire. "If they get to shooting at your level, you just move up and wait until they find your new range." [Mind you, as he flew only over the Atlantic and the UK, I'm not sure how he knew this, unless he was referring to the British AA fire.]

Transferred to AtFero 13 Jan 1941

 Sailed from Batavia to New York with Horace Heising in Feb 1942.

Post-WWII, Tax Assessor-Collector in Hardeman County, TX 

 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


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