M.94 First Officer  Lyman Verne Voelpel 

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  b. 5 Nov 1904, Clinton, IA 19 Aug 1940 to 3 Apr 1941 


ata lyman voelpel 1930

 "The famous flier of gliders, who looped thirteen times in a glider, breaking his own world's record"  (Indianapolis Star, 1930)



Ed. Clinton High School, Business College in Clinton and Los Angeles.

prev. m. 1924 Florence A. [Paton] (divorced 1933)

Fined $1,000 and jailed for 3 months in 1925, along with his father E.W. Voelpel, a "wealthy Clinton manufacturer of soft drinks" (who got 1 year), for "illegal transportation and possession of intoxicating liquor."

"He is a friend of Col. Lindbergh."

ata lyman voelpel 1931

About the same time that Roscoe Turner had Gilmore the lion cub in his cockpit, in 1931 Lyman had 'Simba', a mountain lion cub. "In three months I'll have to confine Zimba in a cage", he said, "He's growing too fast, and you can't always trust a mountain lion."

Religion: "Confuscious"

prev. an automobile mechanic and salesman; "airplane mechanic by actual experience in 15 years. Trained in barnstorming all over the US. 7 months with China National Air Force."

prev. exp. 2,800hrs

ata lyman voelpel 1938

In Hankow, China in 1938, with his "first gunner, a Chinese youth trained to handle machine guns and protect the giant Chinese bombing ships in combat" behind him. (The Courier, Waterloo)

Address in 1940: 714 Park, Independence, MO

Travelled to the UK on SS Antonia, (27 Aug - 6 Sep 1940) with fellow pilots

- Jay Herald Cordner;

- John McDonald (M.92);

- Hubert Timmermans;

- Walter Trimble (M.112) and

- Barrs Whilden.

Postings: 1FPP, 2FPP.  Seconded to AtFero.

 ata lyman voelpel 1943 In 1943, showing his 'Chinese safe conduct pass"

m. 1944 Georgia [Wilson]

Resident in Escondido, CA in 1973

d 1984 - Los Angeles  

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