M.411  First Officer Earl Clinton Grigsby 
flag usa   b. 27 Mar 1918, Nr Roy, Washington

26 Mar 1941 to 24 Feb 1942

[335 days


ata earl grigsby 1941

San Bernadino County Sun, 1941


ata earl grigsby 1942

and 1942



Educated at San Bernadino High School, CA

Address in 1941: 1382 Vine St, Highland, CA

A Commercial pilot, flying since 1936, Tri City Airport, San Bernadino

 from the 'San Bernadino County Sun':

"First Word Received from E.C. Grigsby, Highland Flier

Earl C. Grigsby, Highland youth who at 22 years of age is already a veteran flier, is now a member of the royal air force, engaged in defending London from Nazi air raids.

The youth is believed to be the only San Bernadino county flier in the R.A.F. He is the son of [ClintonTherman] Grigsby, widely known Highland resident, who is foreman of the Highland Fruit Growers' packing house.

According to a censored letter written by Earl to his father, the Highland youth said he was now 'flying over London' and that he 'had one of the best flying jobs to be had'.

As far as is known, Earl flew across the Atlantic Ocean as a ferry pilot, under contract with the Canadian government.

Earl became interested in aviation when only 16 years old and made a rapid advancement in his chosen field. He received his first training at the Shandlin Hills and the Tri-city airport.

He then went to Long Beach to further his training under government instruction. At Long Beach he was advanced 50 hours of flying requirements because of his flying record and experience.

Earl received his 'wings' two months ago at Long Beach and left almost immediately for Montreal, Canada, expecting to be an instructor for the Canadian government in one of their air schools. There again he advanced rapidly and was given an overseas contract.

Mr Grigsby recently received the first letter from his son since Earl left the United States.

The letter required three weeks to reach Highland from the aerodrome near Maidenhead, Berkshire, where Earl is stationed. The youth could tell little of his experiences in England because of censorship. He said he is studying to be a trans-atlantic pilot.

Although a native of Washington, Earl has lived in Highland the greater part of his life. His home is at 1381 Vine street. He attended Highland elementary school and was graduated from the San Bernadino High School."


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"Another Highland youth now in service in England is Grigsby's chum, Keith Alexander, also of 1382 Vine street, who is a first officer in the American Eagle Squadron, stationed near London."


Transferred to Atfero, Feb 42.

 3 Apr 1942: "He has greatly enjoyed his work overseas, but has little to say of his war experiences. Earl also visited his mother, Mrs. Margie Grisby of Harlem Springs.

Young Grisgby left tonight to drive back to Montreal to resume his flying, and expects from now on to become a transatlantic pilot."

From 1970, ran G&E Flying Service, which was renamed J Kreuger and E Grigsby (Redlands Air Academy) in 1975, located at 1745 Sessums Dr., Redlands CA.

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d. 4 Apr 2001 - Highland, San Bernardino, CA

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