M.248  First Officer Robert Edmund 'Bob' Perlick 

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  b. 12 Dec 1903, San Francisco, CA 9 Sep 1940 to 20 Mar 1941 

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Ed. High School, 1 yr of college

His first wife Berndine [Myers] was killed in a car accident in 1928

prev. Corporal in US Army Apr 1917 to Feb 1919, then a charter pilot

He competed in the 1937 Bendix Air Derby from Los Angeles to Cleveland, (won by Frank Fuller) but damaged his Beechcraft in a ground-loop, and in the following year (won by Jaqueline Cochran, later of the ATA) he finished outside the time allowed for completion.

For the 1939 race, he was due to fly Amelia Earhart's old Lockheed Vega but it was by then too slow to be competitive and he withdrew before the start.

In 1939, he was one of "about 20 people in the world who make a living as 'sky-writers' - using smoke to write letters a mile long at 125mph." In May he wrote a new record-length message of 23 letters: HELLO NAVY - DRINK PEPSI-COLA to welcome the fleet home to Wilmington, CA.

On 6 Jun 1940, he flew Beechcraft Staggerwing NC16441 from Turtle Bay, Mexico to Lindbergh Field, San Diego, CA

 Address in 1940: Grapevine, Texas; later 24 W 55 St, New York.

Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP

One accident: 25 October 1940, when he did a wheels-up landing in a Fairey Battle after engine failure.

Seconded to AtFero 20 Mar 1941

He held the record for a Montreal to Scotland crossing, 19hrs 50min.

His flights for AtFero as an ATA pilot in 1941 include:

   From  Aircraft Notes
23 May - 2 Jun Bahamas PBY Catalina W8428  
4 Jun - 9 Jun  UK Liberator AM918 (Passenger)

Three Liberators were initially converted to Liberator C.Mk.I (for "cargo") freighters: (AM915AM918AM920) and used on the Transatlantic for returning aircraft ferry pilots to Canada

AM918 (after being transfered to BOAC with civil registry G-AGDR) was shot down in error by a Spitfire over the English Channel on 15 February 1942 with all nine on board killed

10 Jun - 4 Jul Montreal Hudson V AM815  
5 Jul - 8 Jul UK Liberator AM920 (Passenger) Liberator C.Mk.I see AM918
9 Jul - 24 Jul Montreal Hudson V AE644  
25 Jul - 6 Aug UK Liberator AM260 (Passenger) 14 Aug 1941: B-24 Liberator AM260 crashed and burned on takeoff from Heathfield, Ayr. 22 killed including 4 ATA pilots
6 Aug -11 Aug  Montreal Hudson III V9184 Crashed at Moncton, N.B. on 11 Aug
15 Aug - 22 Aug Montreal Hudson III V9190  
25 Aug - 3 Sep UK Liberator AM258 (Passenger)  
3 Sep - 12 Sep Montreal Hudson III AE540  
13 Sep - 19 Sep UK Liberator AM920 (Passenger) Liberator C.Mk.I  see AM918
1 Oct - 3 Nov Montreal Liberator AL518 sold to Scottish Aviation for spares Sep 19, 1946
4 Dec - 31 Dec Montreal Liberator AL556 hit obstruction on landing and undercarriage collapsed at Thruxton Jan 26, 1942


He was still a ferry pilot in Mar 1945, then returned to airline flying, then real estate.

d. 1981 - San Bernadino, CA

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