M.110 *  First Officer Horace Crowell Heising 

flag usa

 b. 13 Feb 1902, Minneapolis, Minnesota 10 Aug 1940 to 13 Jan 1941


ata horace heising 

St Louis Post-Despatch



Ed. at South Pasadena High School, CA

Took his US Commercial Pilots Licence in St Louis, MO, in 1928

prev. pilot for Chicago & Southern Air Lines

 prev. exp. 7000hrs

He and Harold Phillips were reported "killed in combat with Nazi attackers over London" and/or "killed when his Spitfire crashed into a barrage balloon" in October 1940, but by mid-December his sister told the newspapers that she had received a letter from him, dated November 1.

In November he also wrote to Bruce Braun, the VP of Chicago&Southern in November 1940: "I guess you blokes (pipe the lime) think I've shot my wad. Well, Chief, you never can tell how far a frog will jump by looking at him.

Things here are what I would call nice going, never a dull moment. Believe me, Bruce, I take my hat off to these Englishmen. The bull dog is most certainly symbolic of them. Their spirit and courage will triumph no matter if the war lasts a hundred years."

He went back to New Orleans to visit his family in February 1941, and "refute in person the reports of his death."

Transferred to AtFero February 1941

In 1947, described as a "transient", he was reported to be "in the [Sacramento] city jail facing charges of passing fictitious checks in three downtown department stores."

d. 9 Dec 1950  


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