Constant Penn's colour photos 

Constant 'Penn' Wilson, along with many other ATA pilots, subsequently served with RAF Ferry Command.

Penn was in 113 Sqn - RAF Ferry Command's Southern Atlantic Wing - for the remainder of WW2.

A mixture of military and civilian pilots from various Allied nations ferried aircraft from Montreal to Britain, via Nassau (The Bahamas), Natal (Brazil), Accra (Gold Coast, now Ghana), Maiduguri (Nigeria), Cairo (Egypt), and Rabat (Morocco).

Here are some of the photographs Penn took at the time, sent to me by his grand-daughter, Penny Forester.

Most background information comes from 'Ocean Bridge', by Carl A Christie.

Atlantic Liberator engines 

 Unknown B 24 Passenger Compartment

Liberator engines over the Atlantic

B-24 passenger compartment

Unknown Penn flying C 47 Unknown Lockheed PV 1 Ventura

Penn flying a Dakota

Lockheed PV-1 Ventura

SS Pasteur Carl Lange and Penn SS Pasteur Two Scotsmen

Penn and Carl Lange on board the troopship 'SS Pasteur'

... and two Scotsmen

Nassau, The Bahamas (Headquarters of the South Atlantic Wing)

Aircrew who flew for Ferry Command were the first to admit that most of their experiences lacked the hardships and dangers that other airmen had to endure during the war; some ferry Command personnel wrote back to the northern hemisphere complaining of 'boredom and sunburn'.

Nassau Bahamas HQ 113 South Atlantic Wing Nassau Bahamas Hangars

HQ 113 South Atlantic Wing

Dakotas and B-29

Nassau Bahamas Bar Tenders Royal Victoria Hotel   Nassau Bahamas Bruce Raymon and Albert Sharp at Paradise Beach

 Bar Tenders, The Royal Victoria Hotel

 Bruce Raymon and Albert Sharp at Paradise Beach

 Nassau Bahamas Bruce Raymon and Margaret Wunder 2  Nassau Bahamas C 47s at Windsor Field

 Bruce Raymon and Margaret Wunder

 Dakotas and Liberator at Windsor Field

 Nassau Bahamas Crew Assembly 113 South Atlantic Wing  Nassau Bahamas Dot Johnson and Penn New Year 1945

 Crew Assembly, 113 South Atlantic Wing

 Dot Johnson and Penn, New Year 1945

 Nassau Bahamas Paradise Beach 4  

 Paradise Beach



Natal, Brazil

Natal was the jumping-off point for the 1900-mile flight across the South Atlantic to West Africa.

Jack Groover Durham, another ex-ATA pilot, went missing in April 1943 in a flight from Natal.

 Natal Control Tower

Control Tower

Accra, Gold Coast

Accra was the main western terminus of the trans-Africa airway for multi-engine aircraft. A round trip from Miami to Accra took about seventy-five hours in a Liberator.

Paul Bleecker Makepeace, an ex-ATA pilot, was lost out of Accra on a fllight to Natal in January 1943.

Accra Ghana Gate at RAF Camp

Gate at RAF Camp

Maiduguri, Nigeria

 Maiduguri was an RAF Station in WWII. There are 7 Commonwealth War Graves there from that time.

Nigeria Mess in Maiduguri   Nigeria Transit quarters in Maiduguri

Airmens' Mess

Transit Quarters

Cairo, Egypt

After the difficult flight to Khartoum, the 1,000 mile flight to Cairo was the easiest; pilots followed the green valley of the Nile River until a distant view of the Pyramids heralded the end of the long journey.

Cairo Egypt Bud Parsons and Penn on Nile  Cairo Egypt Citadel

Bud Parsons and Penn on the Nile


Cairo Egypt Penn at top of Mosque Cairo Egypt Shepheards Hotel 

Penn at top of Mosque

Shepheard's Hotel, where, according to ferry pilot Don McVicar, "without our

spray gun to kill cockroaches we would have been eaten alive"

Rabat Salé, Morocco

Rabat-Salé is now an international airport and the First Air Base of the Royal Moroccan Air Force.

Rabat Morocco Al Leeward   Rabat Morocco B 24 Liberator

 Al Leeward

 B-24 Liberator

 Rabat Morocco Wellington  



Prestwick, Scotland

Prestwick Scotland Head Porter Curtis

Head Porter Curtis

Penn also apparently managed a visit to Allahabad, India:

 India Taj Mahal 2 Allahabad India Human Skulls 

 Taj Mahal from the air

 Human Skulls

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