M.317 First Officer  Paul Ernest Zimmerman
 flag_usa.jpg b. 15 Jan 1904, Crandon, Wisconsin  25 Sep 1940 to 31 Oct 1941 




Father: Daniel Henry Zimmerman, mother Esther [Smart]



New York, Wednesday.

The freighter Freida has wirelessed the Mackay Radio Company that she has rescued the airmen Paul Zimmerman and Edward Moodie, who were attempting to fly to Porto Rico and were forced down off the Virginia coast yesterday morning." - Yorkshire Evening Post 16 Dec 1931


prev. a railroad brakeman; Flight Instructor for Republic of Honduras, Jul 1936-Feb 1937

He travelled back to the US from Honduras in May 1938

Address in 1940: 150 State Street, Albany NY

 Postings: 2FPP


Seconded to AtFero


 Flew to Baltimore from Foynes, Eire on BOAC's Boeing Model 314A 'Clipper', G-AGCA "Berwick" with Gordon Store as pilot, arriving 2 Jun 1942



Paul's Registration Card, dated September 1943


Holder of the Transtlantic Air Record in 1944:

"Another Record.

Air Ministry News Service also announce a new Transatlantic air record with Liberator by the Atlantic Group of the Transport Command.

Captain Paul Zimmerman and his crew made non-stop flights from Montreal to Britain and back. They returned in the same aircraft in 39 hours 17 minutes, including a stop of 9 hours 19 minutes in Britain. The airborne time for the double crossing of 6300 statute miles was thus only 29 hours 58 minutes. The direct flight from Montreal to Britain was made in 15 hours 9 minutes, and the return in 14 hours 49 minutes " - Dundee Evening Telegraph, 10 Mar 1944


Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey 

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