M.---  2nd Officer  Justin William McCarthy

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 b. 7 Nov 1919, Denver CO 27 May 1941 to 24 Dec 1941 

 ata justin mccarthy 1938 1938



Mother: Emma

 Address in 1941: 1452 Elizabeth, Denver 

 Transferred to RAF Ferry Command

Sailed from Scotland to USA on 16 Jun 1942

In January 1947, he was arrested for 'terrorizing wealthy women' and being a gem and fur robber to the tune of $75,000:

Described as a "former ferry pilot turned limousine highwayman", he had kidnapped three women in Park Ave, New York on New Year's Eve, drove them around and then robbed them of their furs and jewelry.

:ata justin mcCarthy trial 1947

 ata justin McCarthy 1947

"Down to less than 100 pounds and wrapped in a blanket, Justin William McCarthy, 26, Park Ave. gem and fur robber, sat in a detention cell on the 12th Floor of the Criminal Courts Building yesterday."

By the following June, suffering from dysentry contracted in North Africa during WWII, he was too sick to appear in court. "I just want to get this thing all over with", he said.

The judge ordered the prisoner transferred to Riker's Island where he could have special medical treatment. 

He was sentenced to '10 to 20 years' in 1948.

d 10 Oct 1998 - Denver CO

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