M.195 * First Officer  Paul Theodore Miller 

flag usa

 b. 26 Oct 1905, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  12 Aug 1940 to 9 Jan 1941 

  ata paul miller 1940 1940      


divorced 1928

m. Sep 1937 Irene Katherine [Matthews] in Delaware, Indiana

Address in 1940: Anderson, Indiana

Transferred to AtFero Jan 41

Back for a brief vacation on 26 Jan 1941, Paul said that "flying American-built bombers across the Atlantic to England is safer than ferrying planes to the fighting squadrons."

"Although he has flown a British Spitfire fighter as fast as 400 miles an hour, Miller said the British fighter currently considered the best is a type lnown as the bullfighter [sic], powered by two 1,200 hp liquid cooled engines." :-)

"Paul T Miller, formerly connected with the Muncie Airport, is now engaged flying Lockeed-Hudson planes from Canada to England for the British. Miller was paid $1,000 for delivering two of the planes to England and was given a $500 bonus for safe arrival." 


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