M.678 First Officer  Harold Nigel Egerton 'Harry' or 'Sammy' Salmon
 flag england b. 19 Jul 1909, London  27 Jan 1942 to  28 Feb 1943




Father: Capt. William Francis Egerton RN; Mother: Laura Jean Mary Stevenson

Ed. St Lawrence School, Ramsgate

 prev. RAF 1933-1941 (Flt-Lt, a former Battle of Britain pilot, but was dismissed in Nov 1941 for "siphoning off service petrol for his car")

  Harry and Celia bbm.org.uk

Next of kin (wife): Celia Joan Salmon, 10 Crawley Mews, S Kensington, London SW7

From 29 Mar 1942, an instructor at AFTS

"A pilot of exceptional ability and a most enthusiastic and capable flying instructor"

Veronica Volkersz was one of his pupils in April 1942: "Our instructor, tall, good-looking Harry Salmon, was a recent importation into ATA from the RAF"


 B 25 Mitchell

d. 6 Dec 1943 when a pilot for RAF Ferry Command, in Mitchell FW159 lost out of Goose Bay. 3 other crew also died.

 Commemorated on the Ottawa Memorial, Panel 3, Column 2


Full story (apart from the ATA bit!) here: http://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/Salmon.htm

 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

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