M.--- * 2nd Officer 

August 'Gus' Michelson 

[or Michaelson]

 flag usa b. 3 May 1910, Valley Stream, Long Island, NY  27 Dec 1940 to 24 Mar 1941 

   The Norfolk Ledger Star, 1942



 Father: Nicholas Michelson, Mother: Alida [Wits, d. 1958] (both b. in Estonia)

 prev. semiskilled mechanic and repairman. Spent time in Honduras, returning 19 Feb 1937

US Draft Card, dated 16 Oct 1940

Address in 1940: 354 W York St, Norfolk, Virginia

"Started his aerial areer in Norfolk. He lived in Larchmont and attended public schools, and later did a lot of stunt flying here and barn-storming."

He has served with the RAF Ferrying Command [sic], helped organise Central American Air Forces, dusted crops and done every other kind of flying in his 15-year-old flying career. He is now a test pilot at the Army Air Forces Technical School at Keesley Field.

When he was first officer [sic] in the Air Transport Auxiliary of the RAF he earned $650 a month, somewhat more than the $54 he now receives, minus his flying pay."

[The ATA actually paid their American pilots $150 a week (tax free), plus $10 a day whilst in transit, plus a $500 bonus at the end of a year.]


Arrived in the UK 7 Feb 1941 with fellow American ATA pilots Harry Smith, Joseph Holloway, Frank Skillen, Conley Shreve, William Edgar and George Holcomb



 Sailed back to the USA from Liverpool on 1 Apr 1941, on the SS Nerissa. he arrived on the 14th April. 

SS Nerissa, carrying 14 American pilots destined for the ATA, was sunk 30 Apr 1941. See https://www.ata-ferry-pilots.org/index.php/category-blog-1941/13-april-1941-the-loss-of-11-ferry-pilots-on-board-the-ss-nerissa

Address in 1941: Municipal Airport, Miami, Florida

Enlisted in US Army, 25 Feb 1942, PFC


 d. Jul 1968 - Dade, Florida

* File not seen

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