SS Nerissa, bringing 14 American pilots, was sunk 30 Apr 1941


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The SS Nerissa was bringing 290 passengers and crew from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Britain; amongst them were 14 American pilots destined for the ATA. 11 of them were lost after the ship was torpedoed and sunk by U-boat U-552 about 100 miles NW of Donegal, Eire. There were 84 survivors.


The pilots lost were:

  • Robert John Burden (age 20 from Warsaw, Indiana), 
  • Kenneth Brown Collings (age 42 from Oceanside, NY), 
  • Robert Eugene Fordyce (age 20, from Chicago), 
  • Ellis Gustave Friedrich (age 37 from Peoria, IL),
  • Irvin Trout Landis (age 25 of Boyertown, PA),
  • Robert Alfred Lowell (age 25 from Chickasha, OK),
  • William Harold Nance (age 31 from Houston, TX), 
  • Robert Glenn Smith (age 33 from Warsaw, Indiana),
  •  James Charles Torpey (age 30 of Silverdale, Washington), 
  • John Allison Woodall (age 33 from Dallas, TX), and 
  • James Siegel Wright (age 29, from Medford OK).

The three surviving pilots were Clyde Cecil Foreman (M.482), Joseph Stuart Wiley (M.427) and Austin Young (M.452), from Flint, Michigan. 

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