Indian Pilots

  • Badhe, Ramchandra Murlidhar

     M.560  2nd Officer Ramchandra Murlidhar Badhe 
     flag british india  b. 7 Aug 1905, Saugar C.P., British India 24 Jun 1941 to Jan-43 


    ramchandra badhe 1938




     Address in 1941: 19 Hartington Rd, East Feltham, Middx

    Next of kin: (brother) Vishnu Badhe, Kelibag, Mahal, Nagpur, India

    M.Sc., then an aircraft assembler fitter for Heston Aircraft Co, Hounslow. From whom he received this slightly awkward endorsement:

    "I would say that Mr R M Badhe has been in our employ for about three years, and we have always found him to be a first-class reliable man from every point of view, and although it is always difficult to get under the skin of certain classes of Indians, I had no hesitation whatever in recommending him for a commission in the RAFVR, and in your case also I feel that he will give you excellent service... He has always conducted himself here in a very correct and respectful manner."

    However, his instructor's report in October 1942 was less complimentary:

    "A keen pilot whose assessment can only be judged by his ability to use his intelligence, which is below average. It was necessary to reprimand him for gross carelessness and lack of airmanship and he has been told that if on any future occasion his airmanship is proved to be lacking, his contract will most probably be terminated."

    Actually, he did have a few accidents...

    - Jul-42, he had a burst tyre on landing a Spitfire (not to blame).

    - Sep-42, he landed an Oxford in the wrong direction and collided with another Oxford, severely damaging both (pilot to blame);

    - Nov-42, he taxied of the perimiter track (to avoid some cyclists, he said) and nosed over in the soft ground (pilot to blame);

    Hawker Henley TT III target tug in flight c1938 

    d. 20 Jan 1943 (Died in ATA Service) - Henley L3408 crashed in trees on Ulpha Farm nr Meathop, Westmorland, while attempting forced landing due to engine failure (suspected to be due to water in the petrol system).

    Cremated at Golders Green Crematorium on 26 Jan 1942:

    ata badhe cremation

    "He was billeted with us... he made many friends amongst my gentlemen, he was a gentleman in every possible way and we shall greatly miss him"


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  • Chothia, Homi Nandbhoy

     M.126 First Officer  Homi Nandbhoy Chothia  

    flag british india

    b. 13 Oct 1914, Bombay 1 Aug 1940 to Nov-43 

      ata homi chotia ATA      


    Address: 174 Court Lane, Dulwich, London SE21

    prev. pilot with Western Airways (BOAC)

    In 1934, when he was 19, Homi had been fined 40 shillings, and ordered to pay witnesses expenses of 32s, for driving a car without due care and attention; he tried to overtake a lorry near Bank Bridge. Tarleton, and "as a result an approaching coach had run against the bridge wall to avoid a collision."

    Postings: 1FPP, 2FPP

    Flight Captain from Feb-42 to Oct-43, when he was demoted to First Officer: "was party to a breach of Standing Orders C47 and C38"

    "He has had difficulty in winning the confidence of pilots under him, which has impaired his efficiency as a Flight Captain.... his record as a pilot has been exceptionally good."


    d. Dec 1982  - Bromley, Kent 

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  • Mucadum, Nariman Rustumji

     M.518 First Officer  Nariman Rustumji Mucadum 
     flag british india   b. 4 Jun 1909, Bombay, British India 23 Jun 1941 to 30 Sep 1945 

     ata nariman mucadum 1938



    Next of kin: C.R. Mucadum, 50 Wodehouse Rd, Colaba, Bombay, India

    Ed. Technical High School, Bombay

    m. Dec 1939 Mary Ann [Johnstone, d. 1966] 1 son b. 1949

    prev. a Viewer (Engineering) for J. Stone & Co, Arklow Rd, Deptford, London

    Address in 1941: 15 Avon Rd, Brockley, London SE4

    Postings: 6FPP

    Initially considered a "keen and willing pilot who is doing well", he was held responsible for an accident in a Wellington in November 1942 when he failed to check the take-off swing and the port undercrriage leg struck an obstacle. After making an immediate landing, the leg collapsed.

    He was immediately sent on a refresher course: "This pilot was in need of a check as his flying was most erratic. He is a very slow thinker and inclined to imagine that anything will do." 

    However, "he completed by showing marked improvement and it is thought that he now realises the importance of detail and thinking for himself."

    d. Nov 1998 - Richmond Upon Thames



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  • Roy, Satyendra Kumar

     M.546 First Officer   Satyendra Kumar Roy
     flag british india  b. 28 Jan 1915, Calcutta India  8 Jul 1941 to 31 Oct 1945

     ata satyendra roy 1936 1936

     ata satyendra roy BG  ata s k roy MAMM MAMM  


    Father: Prasana Deb Rikut

    Ed. at Bangasi College, Calcutta

    prev. a student, working for Folland Aircraft Ltd, Hamble.

    Address in 1941: 75 Victoria Rd, Woolston, Hants

     Postings: 2FPP, 7FPP, 3FPP

    Contract Terminated 31 Oct 1945, and he sailed to Bombay on 1 Dec.



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  • EFTS / IFTS - Elementary / Initial Flying Training School
  • AMF / Air Movements Flight (1942–45)
  • AFTS - Advanced Flying Training School (1942–45)


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