Dutch Pilots

  • Kamphuys, Meindert Symen

     M.--- *  Pilot Meindert (or Meyndert) Symen Kamphuys (or Kamphuis)
     flag holland b. 7 May 1900, Zandijk, Holland   13 Jan to 27 Mar 1941




    Father: Simon Gerardus Kamphuys (d. 1935 in Amsterdam), a Director of the British Cocoa Mills (Hull) (BCM) Ltd, a company producing cocoa butter, as well as other firms in Amsterdam.

    Mother: Margaretha Elisabeth [Barmentloo]

    Meyndert was also a Director (and later Managing Director) of British Cocoa Mills Ltd,  in Tower St., Hull.


    His younger brother Henri (or Henry) Simon Kamphuys (b. 1918)


    was a pharmacologist for the firm.


    Address in 1934: Koog Aan de Zaan, Holland

    m. 1935 Maria [Mary] Clasina Eva [Brassem]


    "Mr Kamphuys came to England from Holland in 1935 to establish the British Cocoa Mills. Although his home was in Holland, he was a frequent visitor to Hull."

    RAeC Certificate 13925 dated 7 Jun 1936, taken at Hull Aero Club


    He and Maria were fined £2 and £1 respectively for "entering the Hull exclusion area without a permit" in April 1940; they pleaded ignorance of the recently-introduced regulations.



    Subsequently joined the exiled Dutch Air Force in the UK, ending up as CO of the Dutch Communication Flight.


     Visa for Brazil, 1946

    [Meinhert and Mary knew pioneer (and ex-ATA) pilot Jim Mollison well, and whilst Meinhert was away in South America in 1946, Jim and Mary began an affair. Meinhert and Mary agreed to part; he made her an allowance of £500 per year and she (and, later, Jim) moved into a house called 'Lowlands', in Hurley, Berks.]


    Address in 1947: 82 Portland Pl, London W.1

     d. 15 Jul 1947 - Logrono, nr Bilbao, Spain. He and his brother Henri were killed in an aircraft accident.

    "Hull Businessmen die in Plane Crash

    Mr Meyndert S. Kamphuys, managing director of British Cocoa Mills, Ltd, Hull, and his brother, Mr Henry S Kamphuys, were both killed when a plane in which they were flying to Africa on business crashed in the Lumbreras Mountains in Northern Spain. Also killed was the pilot, [ex-ATA Ralph Harold Henderson], well known in London flying circles. The plane had been privately chartered." - Hull Daily News

     The aircraft, according to "Mollison - The Flying Scotsman" by David Luff, 1993, was an Airspeed Consul belonging to BCM.


    The BCM factory burned down on the 29 Nov 1948, killing 12 people.


    After his death, Mary inherited Meinhert's wealth. She married Jim Mollison (as his third wife) on 26 Sep 1949, at Maidenhead.

      from "Mollison - The Flying Scotsman" by David Luff

    * File exists but not seen

  • Schuurman, Emma Mathilde (W.68)

     W.68  First Officer  Emma Mathilde 'Louise' or 'Tillie' or 'Dutch Lou' Schuurman
     flag holland -> flag usa  b. 28 Aug 1920, Nijmegen Holland  10 Feb-42 to 30-Jun-45 


    ata louise schuurman


     ata louise shuurman 1942 1942   ATAM  


     From 1934, resident in the USA. Her father, Jan Albert Schuurman, was Netherlands Consul General there, and later in Canada.

    ed. Finch Junior College, New York, and learnt to fly at Roosevelt Field, Long Island.

    prev: Flight Instructor

    prev. exp: 420 hrs in USA, Canada

     ata virginia farr louise schuurman 1942 

    "Among the American women recently arrived in England to ferry fighting planes for the RAF are Virginia Farr (left) of New Jersey, and Louise Schuurman of Long Island." - The Philadelphia Enquirer 21 Jun 1942

    Post-WWII, flew as airline pilot for Willis Air Service, based at Teterboro Airport, NJ.

    "She admits she is a tomboy. 'I hate skirts and high heels', she says, 'but I wish I knew how to cook.'"

    m. Sep 1946 John David 'Jack' Landers

    "Jack Landers, flying ace credited with 36 1/2 Nazi planes and awarded 33 personal decorations, was honeymooning at Fort Worth, Texas, with his bride Louise Schuurman, daughter of the consul general of the Netherlands.They met in England." - Minneapolis Star, 7 Sep 1946

    She applied for US citizenship in 1948.

    a.k.a. Louise Schuurman Welters (her mother's maiden name)

    d. 28 Apr 1962 in an air crash on Galveston Island, TX 

    buried Cauberg, Valkenburg aan de Geul, Limburg, the Netherlands


     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

  • Van Zanten, Ida Laura Veldhuyzen (W.115)

     W.115  3rd Officer Ida Laura Veldhuyzen Van Zanten 
     flag holland   b. 22 Jun 1911, Hillegom, Holland  18 May 1943 to 30 Sep 1945

     ida van zanten 1938  RAeC 1938

      Wikipedia  ATAM   


    Father: Gerrit Veldhuijzen van Zanten (d. 1922), Mother: Lamberta Ida [Muller] (d. 1928)

    6 brothers, inc. Edward, Gerrit and Mauritz

    Ed. Hillegom Secondary School; School for Social Workers, Amsterdam

    Sailed to the USA in 1937 (Her brother Mauritz was resident in Lynden, Washington; he owned Van Zanten's Inc, an azalea nursery. He died in the USA in 1993). On 11 Sep 1937, the Bellingham Herald reported that "Miss Ida van Zanten of Holland, who has spent the last three months at the home of her brother, Maurice van Zanten, has started back home via Japan and Dutch East Indies, and expects to arrive in Holland in April."

    Address in 1938: Keizersgrachd, 707, Amsterdam

    Address in 1942: Hotel du Lac, Vesenaz-sur-Geneve, Switzerland.  (She left Holland on the 8 Jan 1942, and travelled via France, Switzerland (where she was arrested and interned for illegally entering the country) and then via Spain and Portugal to the UK, finally arriving 13 Aug 1942.)

    This document, dated June 1942, shows that when she was allowed to leave Switzerland she was given a ticket from Bilbao, Spain to Curaçao, the Dutch Caribbean island:

    ... but eventually, she appears to have managed to get a flight from Lisbon to the UK.

    On her application form dated 28 Aug 1942, she describes her present occupation as "Refugee from Holland - Waiting since 3 monthes for permission from Home Office to come to England"  She had been "forced by Gestapo to leave Holland, had to leave log book and 'A' Licence behind".

    Prev. Dutch Labour Exchange; Air Hostess for KLM; Dutch Government War Office, London, Oct-Nov 1942; WAAF

    Prev. exp. 10 hrs on Moth, Taylor Cub, FK46, BA Swallow

    Her "references" included John Kirwan, (who was her instructor at Hanworth when she gained her Royal Aero Club Certificate in 1938), and KLM's famous pilots Koene Dirk Parmentierand Jan Johannes Mollwho had been prize-winning DC-2 pilots in the 1934 MacRobertson Race from England to Australia:


      John    mFA__parmentier.jpg Dirk     mFA__moll.jpg Jan

     She said she "wanted to help the Allies by ferrying aircraft."

     Postings: 15FPP, 5TFPP, 7FPP, 1FPP

    Initial reports were not encouraging; "Her general flying ability at the moment is a lowly average and map-reading and use of compass leave much to be desired"... "She is very keen and tries hard but would appear to be a very shy and apprehensive type"; nevertheless, she was cleared to ferry Class I aircraft on 19 Sep 1943.

     She gradually improved: "Has now reached a fair standard.... Really does try hard" but seems to have had "off-days"; for example, in Jan 1944 her instructor for Class II reported that "Her airmanship today was definitely dangerous".

    She eventually passed for Class III aircraft by mid-1945.

    Types flown: Magister, Moth, Hart, Fairchild, Proctor, Gladiator, Mentor, Swordfish, Auster, Wicko, Whitney Straight, Oxford, Anson.

     3 accidents, 2 her fault:

    - 13 Oct 1943, she damaged the propeller and undercarriage of her Argus I FK335 when she taxied into an unmarked hole on the airfield at Lyneham

    - 20 Dec 1943, she overshot the landing in Argus HM165 and ran into the far boundary, due to an error of judgement

    - 24 Feb 1945, Reprimanded for "taxying without due care" - her Argus FK337 hit Argus EV803 at a runway intersection.

    She was decorated in Holland in 1948 with the 'Vliegerskruis' (DFC) and other medals



     d. 16 Oct 2000

    Buried Hillegom Cemetery

     Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ida_Veldhuyzen_van_Zanten

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  • AFTS - Advanced Flying Training School (1942–45)


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