M.----  Cadet Hugh Cecil Shubra Hordern
 flag_england.jpg b. 26 Mar 1906, Shortlands, Kent  29 Jan 1943 to 7 Apr 1943



Father:  Anthony Shubra Hordern (b. 1879, d. 1934 in Jersey), mother: Edith [Campbell].

His grandfather, Anthony Horden III,  "left Sydney for Western Australia, where he made his mark as an entrepreneur, founding the Albany–Beverley "Great Southern" railway and developing much of the surrounding land. He died aboard the steamer R.M.S. Carthage on the Red Sea while returning to Australia after several years conducting his business affairs from London. A memorial to him was erected at the top of York Street, Albany. He was nominated by A. J. H. Saw, the Chancellor of the University of Western Australia, as one of the fifteen greats in the development of the State."

His elder brother was Anthony Arthur Shubra Hordern.

His younger brother, Basil Colin Shubra (1910–1969) was a "prominent bank shareholder"

"Shubra Hall, Croydon, is the oldest building on the campus of the Presbyterian Ladies' College, Sydney, and was the home of Anthony Hordern III." - Wikipedia

6ft 2in tall; "scar centre of forehead"

Ed. Malvern College 1920-23

m. 2 Jun 1928 in Kensington, London, Vera Elizabeth Bryer (Divorced)

In 1928, he filed a patent in France, with his brother Anthony and Bernard John Lynes, for an "Improved device controlled by means of a coin and by hand for the recording and delivery of phonograph records of various types, or for the reproduction of such records"

He became engaged to Miss Marian 'Betty' Seton (or Secombe) in 1936, but  I can find no record of the marriage taking place.

 - The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Jun 1936

prev. a Stock Jobber; RAFVR 31 Jan 1940 - 27 Jun 1942 (Flt-Lt, 214 Sqn)

prev. exp. 740 hrs on "Henley, Hart, Demon, Phoenix, Wellington, Harrow, Percival Q.6"

Address in 1943: 8 Wimbledon Close, London SW19


 d. 12 Dec 1944 - Stockbury, Kent, in a car accident


 He left £895 2s 3d, which went to his mother.

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