M.397 * First Officer   Derek Lionel William Fitzgerald
flag england b. 21 Jun 1918, South Stoneham, Hants  6 May 1941 to 30 Nov 1945




Postings include: 1FPP, 8FPP, 16FPP


3 accidents, 2 his fault:

- 24 Apr 1942,  he forgot to lower his undercarriage in Hurricane BP517 after being baulked on his original approach

- 26 Sep 1942, he taxied Hurricane IIb JS303 into a petrol tanker, breaking the propeller

- 26 Nov 1942, he failed to control the take-off swing in Wellington X HE388 and hit an obstruction, due to being directed to the wrong runway.


m. 1946 in Maidenhead, Jessie H [Wilson]


d. 1996, Winchester, Hants

* File not seen

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