M.318  Commander  Francis 'Frankie' Francis

flag england

 b. 28 May 1906, London 

18 Oct 1940 to 11 Nov 1944

 [1,485 days]

 ata frankie francis 1929 1929  

ata frankie francis elc

Off-duty at White Waltham [ELC]



Educated at Rugby and Sandhurst

m. , 2 children

prev. a Lieutenant in the Horse Guards, 1926-29, and a 'Director of Companies'

Address in 1940: The Pavilion, Datchet, Bucks

Next of Kin: Wife, c/o City Bank Farmers Trust, 22 William St, New York

Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP

On the 17th Feb 1944, he jumped out of a perfectly good Beaufort; "On encountering bad weather the pilot turned on a reciprocal course but lost sight of the ground. He then ran into severe icing conditions ... he climbed over the cloud, proceeded to the vicinity of Hawarden, and when an engine started to fail through lack of petrol, headed his aircraft out to sea and abandoned it by parachute."

"Unfortunately", as he later recounted in 'Brief Glory', "my baling out (a somewhat difficult operation) upset the trim of the aircraft, which proceeded to fly in circles round me as I descended, to my great embarrassment. However, it got on to the straight course and later plunged into the [Irish] sea as I had hoped."

Although he was held to blame for the incident, "the measures subsequently taken by the pilot showed commendable presence of mind."

Officer Commanding 1FPP from May-44

[Released by mutual consent]

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