M.102  Flight Captain Donald Henry Arthur Golege-Steel 

flag england

 b. 9 Nov 1909, London  14 May 1940 to 20 May 1943 



m. 1933 Eloise [Edwards, divorced], 1939 Constance [Nye, 1 daughter b. 1940], 1965 Barboro [Norgaard or Lind]

prev. RAF 1929-32, [dismissed after a court martial], then a pilot for Birkett Air Services

prev exp. 3900 hrs

Postings: 1FPP

At first, "an excellent pilot, but not one to put himself to excessive discomfort in the execution of his duties.", but eventually "he performed the duties of Flight Captain with distinction and has show exemplary aptitude for the organisational side of the organisation. An influential and respected member of the pool."

Post-WWII, a pilot for Scandinavian Airlines; in 1948, in New York, he refused to take a load of (dead) deer; "No soap", he (allegedly) said, "They smell too bad. It would keep the passengers awake. Take them off."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Mon Jan 5 1948

OK, this is the only other photo I could find of him. That's him on the left, explaining the controls to Governer Youngdahl of Minnesota before flying them from New York to Copenhagen in 1948.

d. 21 Dec 1983 - Hurley, Maidenhead

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