Date Surname Inits Injury
18-Feb-40 Cummings S Uninjured
22-Feb-40 Robertson H Uninjured
01-Apr-40 Harben G Uninjured
15-Apr-40 Hardy S Uninjured
22-Apr-40 King DS Fatally Injured
25-May-40 Clark JTW Fatally Injured
12-Jun-40 Harben G Uninjured
14-Aug-40 Fields H Fatally Injured
26-Aug-40 Cummings S Fatally Injured
03-Sep-40 Bruce-Porter M Uninjured
06-Sep-40 Beville EE Uninjured
09-Sep-40 Watson JAV Uninjured
09-Sep-40 Short B Uninjured
14-Sep-40 Greenhalgh J Uninjured
17-Sep-40 Kirkby AGH Uninjured
23-Sep-40 Reed S Fatally Injured
27-Sep-40 Kirkby AGH Uninjured
30-Sep-40 Phillips L Uninjured
05-Oct-40 Lee P Uninjured
10-Oct-40 McDonald J Uninjured
12-Oct-40 Fontes L Fatally Injured
12-Oct-40 Goza C Uninjured
13-Oct-40 Ortman E Uninjured
15-Oct-40 Moss L Uninjured
20-Oct-40 Slingsby H Uninjured
25-Oct-40 Perlick R Uninjured
26-Oct-40 Shults E Uninjured
28-Oct-40 Satel L Fatally Injured
29-Oct-40 Mason W Uninjured
01-Nov-40 Mollison J Uninjured
01-Nov-40 Goza C Uninjured
02-Nov-40 Grenside P Uninjured
02-Nov-40 Pringle P Uninjured
04-Nov-40 Laursen AGH Fatally Injured
05-Nov-40 Shults E Uninjured
05-Nov-40 Cook G Uninjured
09-Nov-40 Anding E Uninjured
10-Nov-40 Curtis G Uninjured
11-Nov-40 Biggart D Uninjured
11-Nov-40 Wilkins W Uninjured
15-Nov-40 Loewenstein R Uninjured
15-Nov-40 Love S Uninjured
15-Nov-40 Gleave S Uninjured
16-Nov-40 Wilkins W Uninjured
23-Nov-40 Sandeman R Uninjured
27-Nov-40 Love S Uninjured
29-Nov-40 Short B Uninjured
29-Nov-40 Gray C Uninjured
02-Dec-40 Moss L Uninjured
07-Dec-40 Wilkins W Uninjured
08-Dec-40 Cramer L Uninjured
10-Dec-40 Robertson H Uninjured
12-Dec-40 Bray T Uninjured
12-Dec-40 Canning R Uninjured
15-Dec-40 Stewart M Uninjured
18-Dec-40 Payn S Uninjured
19-Dec-40 Bush FJ Uninjured
21-Dec-40 Harben G Uninjured
21-Dec-40 Slingsby H Uninjured
23-Dec-40 Bebb JTW Uninjured
26-Dec-40 Carreras J Uninjured
26-Dec-40 Shults EG Uninjured
29-Dec-40 Gleave S Uninjured
30-Dec-40 Duigan J Uninjured
31-Dec-40 Robertson H Uninjured
31-Dec-40 Armstrong O Uninjured
31-Dec-40 Gray C Uninjured



Date Surname Inits Injury
08-Jul-40 Davison EJ Fatally Injured
04-Oct-40 Friedlander M Uninjured
26-Nov-40 Lambton ER Uninjured
05-Dec-40 Brown G Uninjured
08-Dec-40 Hughes J Uninjured
19-Dec-40 Patterson G Uninjured
23-Dec-40 Douglas A Uninjured


  ATA Organisation


map ata ferry pools

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  • EFTS / IFTS - Elementary / Initial Flying Training School
  • AMF / Air Movements Flight (1942–45)
  • AFTS - Advanced Flying Training School (1942–45)


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