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Seventy-five ATA Ferry pilots, both experienced and relative newcomers, applied for Royal Aero Club Certificates in the last few months of 1945 under what was called the 'ATA Wings' Scheme, although it's not clear whether they actually did the (very basic) flying test, or simply recorded the number of hours on the highest aircraft 'class' on which they were qualified..

For example:

 ata aimee de neve RAeC 1945  ata barbara Lankshear RAeC 1945  ata norman hayman RAeC 1945


[The Royal Aero Club Certificate or 'Ticket' normally involved:

  • 2 distance flights of at least 5km each, including:
  • 1 altitude flight with a minimum height of 50 metres

The rules declared that:

  • “The course should be marked out by two posts no more than 500 metres apart. After each turn round one of the posts, the pilot must change the direction of flight when going round the second post so the circuit is an uninterrupted series of figures of eight”


“The method of alighting for each of the flights should be with the motor stopped at, or before, touching the ground. The aeroplane must come to rest within a distance of 50 metres from a point previously indicated by the candidate”


For the relative newcomers, it was a chance to gain an 'A' Certificate which would allow them to fly for pleasure (or potentially, business) after the war, but Commanders and Senior Commanders like Marcus Hale or Peter Mursell who clearly had not gained a Royal Aero Club Certificate before the war - mostly because they learnt to fly in the RAF or Fleet Air Arm - applied too.

Here is the list of those pilots:

Date Name Surname ATA No RAeC Cert. No. Notes
16-Apr-45 William Mockler M.1100 20407 Eire. Seconded from RAF
05-Jul-45 Victor Richard Baxter-Jones M.585 20453 Cert. taken on "ATA Flying experience". Also Cert. 14303 (1936) & 22779 (1947)
06-Jul-45 Maurice Gabriel Rolls M.871 20455 Australia
09-Jul-45 Stephan Karpeles-Schenker M.250 20548 Austria
09-Jul-45 Maurice Amedee Harle M.430 * 20549 France
09-Jul-45 Audrey Joan Morgan W.140 20546

RAeC Cert. missing

23-Jul-45 Anthony Leonard   20476 Not listed as ATA pilot
03-Aug-45 Raymond Eric Roberts M.674 * 20489  
03-Aug-45 Edith Beaumont W.138 20490  
03-Aug-45 Winfred Stokes W.153 20492  
03-Aug-45 Marjorie June Farquhar (Cole) W.159 20491  
03-Aug-45 Joan Henrietta Arthur W.166 20488  
08-Aug-45 Katharine Mary Stanley Hirsch W.162 20497  
14-Aug-45 Ernest Federick Shine M.730 20507 British (born abroad)
21-Aug-45 William Gribble   20515 Not listed as ATA pilot
22-Aug-45 Mary Elizabeth Anne Powys W.129 20516  
24-Aug-45 Reginald John Woodburn Davidson M.918 20519 Canada
24-Aug-45 John Ernest Ball M.920 20518 Canada
24-Aug-45 Anthony Phillip Birdsall M.990 20520  
29-Aug-45 David  George Sinclair Cotter M.439 20525  
31-Aug-45 Yvonne Margaret Eveleigh W.156 20527  
04-Sep-45 James Jamieson Davie M.1024 20532 Scotland
04-Sep-45 Edward Roy Kershaw M.756 20531  
07-Sep-45 John Leslie Bennett M.1049 20538 Seconded from RAF
08-Sep-45 James Ian Ross M.1035 20539  
09-Sep-45 Diana Barnato Walker W.59 20540 RAeC Cert. missing
10-Sep-45 Francis Stanley Symondson M.932 20542  
11-Sep-45 Aimee de Neve (Helen) W.168 20545 British (born abroad)
17-Sep-45 Leon Hubert Jaugsch M.313 20560 Poland
20-Sep-45 Gerard Burnett M.975 20568 USA
20-Sep-45 Margaret Elspeth Russell W.134 20569 Canada
20-Sep-45 Maureen Elizabeth Shiel W.137 20571 RAeC Cert. missing
20-Sep-45 Maureen Adel Chase Dunlop W.81 20570 British (born abroad)
26-Sep-45 Robert Hugh Bingham M.1012 20581  
26-Sep-45 Barbara Lilian Lankshear W.160 20583  
29-Sep-45 Martin Richard Nicholson M.1034 * 20590  
29-Sep-45 John Churchill Farquhar M.1096 20589 British (born abroad)
29-Sep-45 Joseph Stern M.672 20591 Czechoslovakia
29-Sep-45 Alec John Matthews M.999 20587  
29-Sep-45 Joyce Gough W.139 20586 RAeC Cert. missing
29-Sep-45 Sylvia Mary Guthrie W.142 20588  
29-Sep-45 Mary Monique Jacqueline Agazarian W.143 20584 RAeC Cert. missing
29-Sep-45 Suzanne Palmer Chapman W.154 20592  
29-Sep-45 Annette Mahon W.164 20582 RAeC Cert. missing
03-Oct-45 John Frederick Wightman M.1011 20607  
03-Oct-45 Thomas George Lamb Gale M.56 20609  
03-Oct-45 James Robert Stavely M.960 * 20608 Canada
03-Oct-45 Sylvia Isabel Edwards (Freshwater) W.131 20611  
03-Oct-45 Rosemary Leslie Bonnett W.155 20610  
04-Oct-45 Patricia Gladys Beverley W.93 20613  
06-Oct-45 Gordon Rymer M.1032 20621  
10-Oct-45 Marcus Samuel Hale M.405 20626  
10-Oct-45 Herbert Thomas M.613 * 20625  
10-Oct-45 Peter Mursell M.81 20624  
12-Oct-45 Gerrard Charles Peat M.1001 * 20645  
12-Oct-45 Zoe Elise Jenner W.133 20646  
18-Oct-45 Walter Davies M.1038 20683  
18-Oct-45 Charles David James M.1110 20684  
18-Oct-45 Ian Heath Stuart Latter M.925 20685 New Zealand
23-Oct-45 Norman Lambert Hayman M.475 20690  
23-Oct-45 Peter John Frisby M.654 20691  
30-Oct-45 John de Winton Tharp M.1003 20700  
30-Oct-45 John Addison Williamson M.910 20699  
30-Oct-45 Percy John Gilbert M.995 20701 Scotland
06-Nov-45 George Ernest John Mustoe M.1044 20709  
06-Nov-45 Arthur Ernest James Williams M.790 20710  
22-Nov-45 Francis George Reynolds M.1036 20752  
22-Nov-45 William Samuel Christopher Smith M.651 * 20748  
22-Nov-45 Ian Archibald Forbes M.664 20754 Also USA. Also Cert. 15283 (1937)
22-Nov-45 Leslie Harry Swain M.743 20749  
22-Nov-45 Chistopher Thomas Declan Lonergan M.764 20750 Eire
22-Nov-45 Irene Mary Ellis Wilson W.127 20751 RAeC Cert. missing
22-Nov-45 Susan Mary Aurea Alexander W.163 20753 RAeC Cert. missing
30-Nov-45 Pamela May Tulk-Hart W.135 20775  
14-Dec-45 Rita Pauline Baines W.146 20790  


 ... but if the women had hopes of flying commercially after the ATA, most of them were, as we have seen, destined to be disappointed.

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