W.--- Cadet  Mary Emily King 
 flag england b. 4 Mar 1917, Hampstead, London  21 Feb to 1 Jul 1944 

 mary king ata  ATA



Father: Hon. Humphrey Hastings King KC, (b. 1880 in St Petersburg, RN in WWI, Chancellor of the Dioceses of Chester and Sheffield from 1930, of Orchard House, Holywell Hill, St Albans.

Mother: Marjorie Mary [Webb]

Ed. Queen Anne's School, Cavershal, Reading and Bedford College for Women

prev: British Institue of Adult Education;1940-41, Foreign Office; 1942-Feb 1944, WAAF

Address in 1944: 10 Warwick Sq, London SW1

 [ab initio pilot]

Off sick from 11 Apr 1944

[Contract Terminated by ATA]

 poss. m. 1954 William C Poile and d. 1960


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