W.157  3rd Officer Diana Faunthorpe 
 flag england b. 2 Mar 1920, Beaminster, Dorset  21 Feb-44 to Sep-45 

 in 1944



Mother: Alice Overton [Wills], Father Bertram Platt Faunthorp (d. 1949)

Ed,. Prior's Field School, Guildford; in 1935 she was a member of the choir, the lacrosse team ("Faunthorpe is a useful member of the team as she can play defence or attack, but must try to gain more speed") and the tennis team, and competed in the high jump and the hurdle race.

Address in 1938: Greystones, Enton Green, Godalming, Surrey

Sailed, with her mother, to Montevideo, Uruguay in Aug-Dec 1938

prev. a WAAF plotter, RAF Fighter Command

 "Of the fifteen different aircraft types she ferried for the ATA (the Spitfire was her favourite) she received instruction on only four." The Times, 2010

Address in 1947: Bramshott Cottage, Wilmer Lane, Liphook, Surrey

Sailed to Kenya in September 1947, intending to settle there and giving her profession as a 'Child's Nurse'.

She then met and married Henry James Hamilton 'Jim' Home, a psychoanalyst based in the Sudan, and they returned to the UK together in 1950. (Marriage dissolved), 3 children [1 son, Jennifer, and Jessica].

Retired to Totners, Devon where she "painted and learnt glass engraving".

d. 27 Mar 2010 (age 90)



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