M.----  Cadet  Berno Geoffrey de Greeuw
   b. 2 May 1912, New York NY  25 Oct 1943 to 6 Apr 1944 




Father: William Johanns (Dutch)

Ed. Surrey House Prep. School, Maidenhead College

Address in 1943: Grandleigh Hotel, Inverness Terrace Bayswater London W2

Next of kin: (Mother): Mrs Amy de Greeuw, 68 Welldon Crescent, Harrow Middx

prev. LAC in RCAF 16 Oct 1940 - 26 Aug 1941; Canadian Firefighters Aug-42 to Sep-43

prev. a Parachutist

m. Helen Grace [Lackey] (divorced 1944) wife resident in Toronto

Sailed to Liverpool from Canada on 17 Nov 1943

 m. 1949 Eileen H [Jarvis] in London (divorced 1960)

Moved to Boca Raton FL in May 1949

m. 1969 Joan [Kennewick] in Bay Head Ocean, NJ

m. 1988 Joan Beverley [Hutton] in Okeecobee, FL (divorced 1997)

d. 12 Jan 2000 - New York 


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