W.113 2nd Officer   Irene Joy Ferguson
 flag NI  b. 30 Oct 1915, Lurgan, Co. Armargh 1 May-43 to Oct-45 


irene ferguson 1939  RAeC 1939


W113 Ferguson Irene  ATA



 prev: Electrical Showroom Attendant, then a Technical Civil Servant in the Ministry of Aircraft Production (MAP)

Address in 1943: Langham House, 89 Hide Rd, Harrow

 Postings include: 7FPP, 15FPP

2 accidents, neither her fault:

- 3 Nov 1943, forced landing after engine failure in Swordfish NE862,

- 12 Dec 1944, another forced landing, in Argus I LV804 after loss of elevator control


Mr Jonathan Ferguson from 1958

The Times, Saturday, Jan 11, 1958:

"FERGUSON - The register containing particulars of the birth of Irene Joy Ferguson, of Holden Rd, London, N.12, has been corrected to read 'male' instead of 'female' and 'Jonathan' instead of 'Irene Joy'. (Signed) Jonathan Ferguson."

and on Jan 13:

"Change of sex by woman pilot

Ministry Employee

Miss Irene Joy Ferguson, a wartime ferry pilot now employed by the Ministry of Supply, stated at the weekend that she had undergone a change of sex and would in future be known as Jonathan Ferguson. The register containing particulars of birth have been amended.

Mr. Ferguson, of Holden Rd, North Finchley, Middlesex, is aged 40. He joined the Ministry of Supply in 1941 and is a chief experimental officer employed on aircraft research and development. It is understood that the alteration to the birth certificate will not affect his employment in the Ministry.

From May 1943 to October 1945 he - as a woman - was a ferry pilot in the Air Transport Auxiliary and held a commission for five years after the war in the W.R.A.F.V.R. (flying list).

Mr Ferguson flew about 1,000 hours as a ferry pilot and after the war became - still as a woman - adviser to the air section of the Girl Guides Association."

31 May 1974  - Bracknell, Berks


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