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Thelma Olga Leith

Mrs Wall

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 b. 14 Mar 1916, Toronto  18 May-43 to 17 Aug-43

 ata thelma leith 1934 This may well be her, at the Inverness Games in 1934 (The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News)


Father: Thomas Geoffrey Leith (Canadian); Mother: Olga Renfrew Schwartz

Next of kin: (Aunt) Mrs Robertson-Eustace

Ed. Luckley College, Wokingham

prev: ATS Subaltern from 1938 (MT Driver)

prev exp: 28hrs

Address in 1942: Merethold, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey

One accident, her fault:

 - 6 Aug 1943, she made a rough landing in a Hart, the port wing touched down and the a/c ground-looped.

Contract Terminated by ATA

m. 1946 Capt. Jack Murray Wall, in Hampshire

d. 25 Nov 1989 in South Africa

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