M.737  First Officer Robert Graham Morris 
 flag england b. 29 Dec 1910, Epsom, Surrey   15 Apr 1942 to 3 Jan 1945



Father: Alfred G Morris. Mother: Elizabeth Marian [Turner], of Dunnose Cottage, Bonchurch, Isle of Wight

Ed. Kingston Grammar School

 m. 1939 Barbara Katherine [Mew], one son Robert J. b. late 1944/early 1945

prev. Ground Engineer for Air Service Training, Hamble

prev. exp. 8 hrs in Moth, Spartan, Avian, Aeronca

Address in 1942: 22 Crowsport, Hamble, Hants

 Robert originally applied to the ATA in March 1941, but his recorded hours (8) were too low for him to be considered, and it wasn't until the Director of the Isle of Wight Flying Club certified that he had another 20 hrs unrecorded that they re-considered. His flight test was in November 1941.

Postings: 1FPP, 2FPP, 7FPP, 6FPP, 16FPP, [RNAS Arbroath], 9FPP 

"An average pilot and a good navigator" "Morris has very little experience prior to joining ATA and should be treated very gently."

Early on, his instructor reported that "while some progress has been made he does not possess any real aptitude for flying", but later reports were much more positive: "A confident pilot of better-than-average ability"

 Three accidents:

- 2 Mar 1943, when his Wellington X LP249 nosed over having been caught by a gust of wind. Pilot to blame for not keeping the stick central or forward, for taxying down-wind

- 26 Aug 1944, in Mustang III FB199, which veered sharply to starboard on take-off, reason unknown.


d. 3 Jan 1945 in Auster PJ222 which hit trees and crashed near Gatwick Airfield, during a ferry flight from 20MU Aston Down, to B56 [Belgium]. He was flying in gusty conditons and was not strapped in, so possibly he lost control after striking his head on the roof.

 Insurance of £2,500 was paid in March 1945.


 Buried St Boniface Church, Bonchurch, Ventnor, Isle of Wight.


 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey 

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