Sgt / First Officer 

[Seconded from RAF]

Francis Robert Marsh 
 flag england b. 17 Sep 1921, Bromley, Kent 1 Dec 1942 to  29 May 1944




 Father:  Francis Alexander Marsh, "Trading Business"; mother: Eliza Ann Grace [Lawrence]

m. 1942 in Bromley, Florence Elaine [Berryman]

prev. An Accountant; RAF from 21 Dec 1940 to 30 Nov 1942

prev. exp. 112 hrs on Tiger Moth, Harvard, Master, Spitfire in the UK and Canada

Address in 1944: 35 (later, 48) Roslin Way, Bromley, Kent

 Postings: 3FPP, 7FPP

"Has not proved satisfactory at this Pool [3FPP]. He is slow in obeying orders and gives the impression that he feels that obedience to an order should not clash with his own convenience. As a pilot he is over confident and does not use his head."

"[7FPP] Discipline: Improved ... should show more keeness in his job but otherwise handles his aircraft in what appears to be a safe manner ... will not be ready for Class 4 until he loses his over-confidence"

2 Accidents:

- 18 Feb 1943, forced landing in Hart K6522 at Luton after he saw smoke coming from the engine (coolant leak)

 beaufighter 6

d. 29 May 1944 - his Beaufighter NV195 disappeared on a ferry flight from Sherborne to Lossiemouth. A similar aircraft was seen (by two fishermen) to crash in the Firth of Forth at about that time, and then a fuel tank belonging to this aircraft was discovered on 30 May by a Mr. Martin Thorburn, a painter from North Berwick.

 1 Jun 1944 - "Thank you for your letter received this afternoon. It was, as you say, very much of a shock for me. Somehow one expects these kinds of things with Bomber or Fighter Command but not so much with ferrying.

I suppose you have no idea how the accident occurred. Was it due to a fault in the aircraft or in the engine? Or was it the weather? He was usually very careful - more than ever lately as I am expecting a baby in September,   Please give me any further information as soon as possible.  Yours Sincerely, Florence E Marsh"

Their daughter Janet was duly born in September 1944.

 Francis' body never being found, he was finally presumed deceased on 2 Feb 1945.


Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial:

Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

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