M.821  First Officer  Mervyn George [Checkland] Chadwick
   b. 18 Jun 1907, Barnes, London  13 Oct 1942 - 30 Nov 1945

 ata mervyn chadwick ATA



Father: Bernard George Chadwick [d. 1916 in Flanders], Mother: Millicent [Kettle]

[Checkland was his grandmother's maiden name]

Ed. St Lawrence College, Ramsgate

m. 1929 in Eton, Bucks, Marjorie Joan [Crockford], 2 children

prev. RAF 1930-32 then Oct-40 to Feb-42 (Sergeant Pilot)

prev. exp. 1,436 hrs plus 8 hrs 45min night

G AETU Gordon Dove via Richard Durrant

Together with Raymond Gordon, formed Premier Aircraft Constructions Ltd in 1936, based at Maylands Aerodrome, Romford, to market the Gordon Dove, but this was unsuccessful and Mervyn was declared bankrupt in 1939.

Address in 1942: 119 Riverview Gardens, Barnes, SW13

Later moved to 44 Ingrave Rd, Battersea, SW11

"slight limp left leg"

Postings: 16FPP, 9FPP, 2FPP, 6FPP

Suspended without pay for 2 days in Feb-43 for "breach of airmanship and breach of flying discipline"

2 accidents, both his fault:

- 5 Jan 1944, when his Auster III landed in a strong and gusty wind with flaps down (contrary to pilots handling notes) and tipped onto its nose;

19 Mar 1944, when he did exactly the same thing in an Argus, except this time the wingtip was damaged - "The attention of C.O.O. is drawn."

"A keen, hard-working and well behaved officer. He is not over-confident, but as a pilot he is not quite as good or as quick-witted as he thinks he is."

At 2 FPP, "although he has been on the strength of this Pool for seven months, has been away for three of these due to sickness and conversion to Class 3."

"An intelligent and careful pilot who shows great competence. A well disciplined officer who has been of great value."

m. Oct 1946 Joan Edith [Nobbs], 3 children

d. 3 Nov 1971 - Brent, London

With thanks for the family and other research by Richard Durrant


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