[Non-flying staff] Stenographer   Mrs Nancy Doreen Lowen
 flag wales   b. 24 Jan 1907, Cardiff 28 Jul-42 to Oct-43 

 nancy lowen ata 




 née Thomas

m. Edward C J Lowen, separated 1940/41 due to him having many affairs with other women. At the time of Nancy joining ATA in 1942 he was not paying the rent for her home.

"Very fast shorthand and typing ... but very careless"

"She became a stenographer for ATA but with pressure of rent not being paid, and being from a working class background ATA would not advance her any money towards keeping a roof over her head, and her work suffered.
She was dismissed from ATA - family believe she then worked at Bletchley Park.
In February 1949 she took her own life in Brighton."
Biographical details from Andrew Bird
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