W.---  Cadet  Olive 'Joan' Ramsay
 flag australia b. 29 Oct 1916, Brisbane Australia   25 Jul-42 to 5 Sep-42


olive ramsay ata 



joan eric boucher 1948 




Diana's sister (see Ramsay, Diana Patricia)

Ed. Endcliife, Eastbourne; Paris

resident 'Howletts', nr Canterbury

First solo age 16 at Kent Flying Club in September 1933 ("Flight")

prev: Ambulance Driver from Aug-40

prev exp: 2hrs

[Contract Terminated by ATA]

m. 1948 Eric Comyn Boucher

d. 17 Dec 2004 - Kent

For more about 'The Flying Ramseys' see Ramsay, Diana


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