W.92  First Officer  Anne Walker
 flag UK  b. 15 Apr 1917, Peshawar, India 17 Jul 1942 to 31 Oct 1945 

 anne walker 1939  RAeC, 21 Aug 1939



Mother: Caroline D Walker, [b. 26 Jan 1881, divorced] of Bignals, Beaulieu, Hants

 Ed. St Cuthbert's School, Bournemouth

prev.  a "photographic student"; WAAF (Acting S/O) from Sep 1939, stationed at RAF Hornchurch, Essex

prev. exp. 3 hrs on DH Moth

 Postings: 15FPP, 6FPP


 4 accidents, 2 her fault:

 - 14 Mar 1943, a forced landing in Hurricane I after engine failure

- 22 Dec 1944, a wheels-up forced landing in Spitfire IV RM904 after the undercarriage selector lever stuck in the 'Up' position

- 31 Aug 1944 Reprimanded  for "taxying with insufficient care"; her Auster V RT526 collided with a parked Auster at Rearsby

 - June 1945 "Anne Walker (later Duncan) took off from Somerton airfield [in a Supermarine Walrus] at Cowes in a crosswind, a hazardous performance with all that double wing.  She swung, finishing up at the end of the take-off run in a haystack.  She was knocked out and the whole caboosh went up in flames.  Luckily a baker’s boy was cycling along the lane beside the aerodrome boundary.  He pulled Anne out of the conflagration, then rescued his bike plus some of the singed stuff. (Mary Ellis – A Spitfire Girl’)


She made a slow start; "her over-confidence tended to make her careless", but became a "keen, hard-working pilot ... progressing well onto more advanced (Class 4) types"

"Throughout this pilot's reports one gets the impression of casualness or carelessness, this I believe is greatly due to her manner which she should endeavour to rectify"

m. 1948 in London, Alexander D Duncan, an aeronautical engineer and salesman for the aviation division of R.K. Dundas.


 d. 19 Nov 1988 - Beaulieu, Hants, leaving £349,395

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