W.90  2nd Officer Jadwiga Piłsudska 
 flag poland  b. 28 Feb 1920, Warsaw, Poland 15 Jul 1942 to 20 Jul 1944 


ATA Jadwiga Pilsudska1 via Ania Stefanicka


ATA Jadwiga Pilsudska2  with thanks to Krzysztof Kubala



Father: Józef Piłsudski, Polish statesman who served as the Chief of State (1918–1922) and First Marshal of Poland (from 1920), Mother: Aleksandra [Szczerbińska]

prev: Student at Newnham College, Cambridge (studying architecture)

prev exp: 20 hrs (100 hrs on gliders) in Poland

Address in 1942: 6 Spottiswoode St, Newington, Edinburgh (living with her mother).

Later moved to 12 Eversley St, Liverpool 8




m. 1944 Lieutenant Andrzej Jaraczewski, an officer in the Polish Navy.

in 1943 and 2011  JPilsudska_1943_and_2011.jpg



d. 16 November 2014 - Warsaw 



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