W.--- Cadet   Kathleen Gloria Large
 flag canada b. 29 Jan 1923, Charlottetown, Canada  5 Jul-42 to Sep-42 


ata gloria large 1942

The Charlottetown Guardian, 1 Aug 1942



The Charlottetown Guardian, Aug-42: "Gloria is the daughter of Mr and Mrs H R Large of this city. Mr Large served in the World War with the Royal Flying Corps as a pilot. He enlisted in the early days of the war along with five other signallers. Weeks, Stewart, McLeod, Gardner and Whitlock who all made a good record overseas."

[Contract Terminated by ATA - 'Unlikely to become an efficient Ferry Pilot']

"Well done Gloria - the first Canadian Woman Ferry Commander visits her native city.

Gloria has made good in a big way. She passed the most rigid air test examinations as well as in meteorology, navigation, air rules, and other exams which entitled her to the rank of Flight Lieutenant in the RAF. Quite an accomplishment for a girl only 19. Miss Large now ferries all types of aircraft and will soon take her place with the British Air Transport Auxiliary in England."

[Perhaps the best we can say about this piece of nonsense - she was only ever a Cadet, and her ATA contract was terminated within a month of her starting - is that 'there was a war on'.]


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