W.---  Cadet    Joan Irwin Broadsmith
 flag england  b. 23 Jul 1917, Withington Chester 24 Jun 1942 to 23 Aug 1942 

 joan broadsmith 1939  RAeC 1939


joan broadsmith Empire Air Day 1939  Empire Air Day 1939



Ed. Upper Chine School, Shanklin, IOW

prev: Ambulance Driver in Islington Green

prev exp: 30hrs solo

Her father, Harry Edgar Broadsmith (d. 1959 in Australia), was one of the original directors of Saunders-Roe.

joan broadsmith and adam karolyi

"Adam Karolyi, right, with his girlfriend, Joan Broadsmith, in the cockpit of his plane. Adam was 21 when he died of his injuries after he crashed his plane in Sandown, just days before the Second World War started [actually G-AAAL belonging to the IOW Flying Club, on the 21 Aug, 1939]. He had planned to join the RAF."

[G-ABBX, in the photo above, also belonged to the Isle of Wight Flying Club].

Adam, 21, was flung from the wreckage but suffered 75 per cent burns and died in Shanklin Cottage Hospital the next day.

"His girlfriend, Joan Broadsmith, daughter of Saunders Roe’s managing director Harry Broadsmith, was so traumatised by Adam’s death she doused herself in paraffin and set herself alight but survived. "

See their story here:  http://www.iwcp.co.uk/

In 1939,  "Interested in aeroplanes since she was 14, and with a Flying Officer brother in the R.A.F., Empire Air Day is bound to hold a special interest for Miss Joan Broadsmith, of Cowes, who is working at Lee Airport, Sandown, to secure her ground engineer's licence. Miss Broadsmith, who is 21, is a member of the Civil Air Guard." Portsmouth Evening News, 18 May 1939

Address in 1942: 18 The Boulders, Binstead, Isle of Wight.

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1961, in the Court of Appeal:  "Joan Irwin Broadsmith (Spinster) v Dora Helen Mary McCubbin (Widow):

Lord Justice Sellers: "Miss Broadsmith, the court has heard your submission and we have had the judgment of the learned judge read to us. Having given the best consideration we can to all that you have said, we see no reason to think that the learned judge was wrong. His judgment appears to us to be right and unimpeachable, and your appeal must be dismissed."


d. Feb 1993, IOW


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