W.---  Cadet Maud Agnes 'Molly' Calver 
 flag england  b. 13 Apr 1910, Wix Essex 24 Jun-42 to 30 Jun-42 (7 days)

 molly calver 1936  RAeC, 18 Oct 1936

(Member of London General Omnibus Co ("the Busmen's") Flying Club)

   Daily Herald, 29 Jul 1936    


Father: William Calver, mother Edith Annie 

Ed. Mistley Council School

prev: Stewardess, Welfare Dept, London Transport

Next of kin (mother) Annie Plummer, 47 Victor Rd, Hythe, Colchester

prev exp: 14 hrs 

Address in 1936: 9 Basedale Rd, Dagenham, Essex

Address in 1942: 58 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex

"Molly Calver pours out tea every day for the busmen at her London garage. Each time she hopes it will be the last time. She paid her subscription of sixpence a week when the London Transport Flying Club started"

"From bus garage canteen stewardess to air ferry pilot is the wartime change by Miss Molly Calver, only woman among the 1,200 members of London Transport's Central Buses Flying Club. She'll soon be leaving her job at Dalston to become a member of Air Transport Auxiliary. "Daily Mirror - Wednesday 21 January 1942


m. Jan 1949 Joseph T Pulham


   Daily Mirror 15th May 1953

"Molly Calver seated in her aircraft before taking off at Chobham. Molly is a stewardess employed by London Transport at their Romford Garage and has worked for the London Transport Board for 20 years, but only very few of her hundreds of workmates realised that she is 'an old sweat' aeroplane pilot during World War II.

Before the war, Molly was a pilot in the London Transport Road Services Sports Association Flying Club and, during the war years, was an Air Transport Auxiliary Pilot, ferrying all types of aircraft. "



Later Mrs Warr (?)

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