W.61 3rd Officer   Rhoda Elinor Heppell
 flag england  b. 1 Feb 1920, Newcastle-on-Tyne  16 Dec 1941 to 31 Jul 1942

rhoda heppell 1939  RAeC 23 May 1939

rhoda heppell ATA ATS



 Father: Sqn-Ldr Philip Forsythe Heppell, with the British Air Staff in Washington DC; mother Dorothy Elizabeth [Fryer]

Her father was a WWI RFC pilot and one of the founders of Newcastle Aero Club, "where he taught his children to fly as soon as they left school."

[Her brother, Philip Whaley Ellis Heppell, also became a Squadron Leader in WWII; the three of them were known as the 'Flying Heppells']


Ed. St Helens, Abingdon, and Berne

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Address in 1941: Keston. Matthew Bank, Newcastle-on-Tyne


m. 1942? Roy? Croft


[A very frustrating clip from the Newcastle Journal and North Mail, 21 Jun 1943!]


m. 17 Aug 1943 in Newcastle, Stephen 'Geoffrey or Jeffrey' Fairburn


Later a Pilot Officer in the Women's Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (WRAFVR)

  Newcastle Journal

She was still flying in 1974 - she said then that "Light aircraft haven't changed that much since I started. At the time it wasn't the done thing for a woman to do, but I suppose it was inevitable I would fly."

 d. 1 Nov 2001 - Newcastle-on-Tyne

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