M.664 First Officer  Ian Archibald Forbes 
 flag england +flag usa  b. 29 Nov 1919, Oxted, Surrey 30 Sep 1941 to 30 Nov 1945 

 ata ian forbes 1937 1937

 ata ian forbes ATA    


Father: James Grant Forbes II (d. 1955) Mother: Margaret [Winthrop] (both American)

Margaret was a descendant of John Winthrop, one of the leading figures in founding the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s,

His mother inherited €100,000 from her aunt Ida Means Mason, who died in 1928 in Boston, Mass., and then €75,000 "and personal effects" from another aunt, Ida's sister Miss Ellen F Mason, who died in 1929 in Newport, RI. The remainder of Ellen's €5,000,000 went into a charitable trust, the money to be distributed within 21 years of the death of the last of Margaret's children. His father James Grant Forbes was named Trustee of a fund of €300,000 (€150,000 each from Ida and Ellen) for his children's education "and comfortable support".

Ed. Eton, Trinity College Cambridge

5ft 11in, brown hair

Address in 1937: Little Plumyard, Seven Hills Rd, Cobham, Surrey

prev. in 1939 a Student of Music (changed his mind) Economics in Kensington

He traveled to the USA in June 1939 on the 'Queen Mary' and was listed as an American "by virtue of his father's citizenship."

Address in 1941: (Mother's address) 43 Swan Court, Manor St, Chelsea, London

 m. Oct 1941 Phoebe V Thomas in Marylebone, Middlesex

 Off sick from 21 Feb to 21 Mar 1943 

1 accident, not his fault:

- 4 Aug 1944, during the take-off run in a Hudson at White Waltham, the port tyre burst. He "completed the take-off, noticed that the tyre was apparently loose and wobbling, and therefore decided to execute a belly landing."

Address in 1947: Friary Lodge, Old Windsor, Berks

 His mother Margaret died in 1970 aged 91, at her home in St Briac, France, leaving 11 children (including his sister Rosemary, the mother of John Forbes Kerry (68th US Secretary of State and Democratic Nominee for President, 2004) and Mme Alain Lalonde), 30 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

John F Kerry visited the Forbes' family estate at Les Essarts, near St-Briac-sur-Mer, on several occasions:

"In his youth, Kerry joined the family gatherings while his father, a U.S. diplomat, was posted in Europe. Young Kerry also attended a Swiss boarding school and brought a touch of America to this corner of northwestern France.

"He introduced us to games like capture the flag. We still play something called kick the can," said [John's cousin] Brice Lalonde, who at 58 is two years Kerry's junior.

Walking along a beach where Kerry and his cousins once played, Lalonde talked about their summers of swimming, cycling and tennis.

"We would take boats and go to islands and have a picnic. We'd go shrimping and have them cooked up in the kitchen," he said.

It was in Saint Briac, or nearby, that Kerry's parents met, when his father, Richard Kerry, was traveling in Europe before World War II.

During the war, the Nazis occupied Les Essarts and then destroyed it when they left. A family reunion was held last summer [2003] to mark the 50th anniversary of the home's reconstruction, but Kerry didn't attend.

Kerry told The New Yorker magazine that seeing the aftermath of the war in Europe kindled his interest in politics.

"My very first memory — I was 3 years old — is holding my mother's hand and she was crying ... as we walked through the broken glass and rubble of her childhood house in France, which the Germans had used as a headquarters and then bombed and burned as they left," Kerry was quoted as saying." - Fox News, 29 Mar 2004

Ian Forbes lived at the rebuilt Les Essarts in 2004.

 d. 2015


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