M.631  First Officer Joseph 'Gen' Genovese 
 flag usa  b. 6 Jan 1911, New York 24 Jul 1941 to 23 Jul 1942 


ata joseph genovese cnac

with China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) flying 'The Hump' between India and China, 1942-3




Ed. New York University (B.S. in Commerce)


prev. a commercial pilot, and aircraft production engineer. USA Air Corps Flying Cadet from Sep-38 to Apr-39,

Address in 1941: 4144 Pacific Highway, San Diego CA

Address of mother (Anna): 68 Aberdeen St., Brooklyn, NY

Postings: 16FPP, 6FPP, 1FPP

He was suspended without pay 3 times in his year with the ATA:

- 15 Feb 42, for 3 days, for 'conduct and neglect prejudicious to the interest of A.T.A.';

- 26 Apr 42, for 2 days for Low Flying, and

- 7 Jul 42, for 7 days for Shooting up Ratcliffe.

And also had one accident, when he force-landed his Airacobra after a complete engine failure. Not his fault.

His C.O. reckoned him a "willing and able pilot, somewhat self-opinionated in character", but a later report describes him as "a very capable pilot but unreliable both as an officer and in the air."

He says he was offered a new contract but declined it, because "I was eternally maddened by that rule against instrument flying. They should have been teaching it to their pilots instead of forbidding them to do it; had they done so many lives might have been saved."

After ATA and then CNAC, he joined Republic as a test pilot. In March 1944, he was the pilot of a Thunderbolt which suffered engine failure: "Miss Marjorie McCutcheon was treated for bruises when a plane crashed into her home. The plane glided downward on a line toward the McCutcheon home, shearing 3 powerline poles before crashing into the kitchen. Capt Genovese was bruised and one knee was injured."

Wrote 'We Flew Without Guns', 1945 (having apparently promoted himself to 'Flight Captain'):

We Flew Without Guns Ad front

d. 10 Apr 2010



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