M.653  First Officer Albert Joseph Privensal 
 flag usa   b. 23 Feb 1904, Mt. Tabor, VT 23 Jul 1941 to 22 Jul 1942 




Father Joseph Privensal (b. Canada, d. 1954)

Ed. Hartford High, Georgetown University

Address in 1941: 110 Montowese St, Hartford, Conn

prev. "Retail and Wholesale Oil Business on own account" (he worked as a salesman in a gas station).

RCAF Sgt Pilot 31 Dec 1940 - 18 Jul 1941

prev. exp. 601 hrs

m. 29 Jul 1926 in Stamford Conn, Elizabeth (Bessie) [West], 2 children

 Postings: 4aFPP, 8FPP, 1FPP

4 accidents, 2 his fault:

- 2 Oct 1941, his Magister ran into a Wellington when he overshot on landing,

- 8 Jan 1942 overshot landing in a Hurricane

- 20 Feb 1942, he was sitting in a Spitfire which was damaged by another one landing,

- 10 May 1942, a forced landing in a Spitfire due to engine failure.

 "A good and reliable pilot"

m. 16 Apr 1943 Esther Solveig Carlton (b. 1922 in Rangoon, Burma) in Calcutta, India

d. 19 Nov 1943  - Kunming, Yunnan, China, flying for CNAC (China National Aviation Corp.)

"He crash landed a China National Aircorp No. 59 ( Douglas C-53) due to bad weather near the air field. His remains were shipped to his widow in Calcutta where they were cremated."

Memorial in Rose Hill Memorial Park, Hartford Co. Conn.

Also commemorated at Aviation Martyrs Cemetery in Nanjing, China.

See CNAC Captian Albert Joseph Privensal


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