M.650 Acting First Officer   Ralph Gilson Jacobson
 flag usa   b. 13 Dec 1915, Dawson County, Nebraska 18 Jul 1940 to 20 Jul 1941 




Father: Hans Keith Jacobson, mother Inez [Gilson] (both American, dec'd)

Ed. University of Nebraska, George Washington University, Congressional School of Aeronautics.

Next of kin: (brother) James L Jacobson, 3925 Pa. Ave SE, Washington DC

prev. Economics Researcher, US Dept of Agriculture; Flight Instructor

prev, exp. 475 hrs

m. Jean [Clancy], 2 children

Address in 1940: 4831 Langdrum Lane, Chevy Chase, MD

 Postings: 1FPP

Suspended for 7 days in Apr-42 for dangerous flying in doubtful weather conditions.

One accident, his fault:

- 24 Jun 1942, he taxied his Master II into a ditch.

His training report was encouraging - "A capable and keen pilot", but subsequently his Pool CO (Frankie Francis) said he "has so far failed to show sufficient competence and ability as a ferry pilot to be considered as an asset to ATA. In spite of OC Training Pool's comments I have considerable doubts as to his keenness."

Perhaps he didn't like winter in the UK; later Frankie said he had "shown greater ability and keenness during the summer months."

Sailed back to the US from Cardiff on the 28 July 1942 with William Deems.

d. 23 Nov 1970 (age 54) - Camden, NJ


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