M.627  First Officer  James Victor 'Skippy' Lane Jr
 flag usa   b. 10 Feb 1915, Los Angeles CA

 18 Jul 1941 to 20 Jul 1942


14 Apr 1943 to 13 Apr 1945




prev. an Operator of Motor Boats, and then a Flight Instructor for Dallas Aviation School, TX

 Address in 1941: PO Box 9695 Los Feliz Station, Los Angeles

Postings: 6FPP, 4bFPP, 1FPP, 3FPP

11 May 1942, Suspended for two days for "taking off down wind in (adverse weather)

27 Sep 1943, Reprimanded for disobedience of airfield regulations at Litchfield


6 accidents, 2 his fault: 

- 7 Dec 1941, landed a Hurricane wheels-up after engine failure;

- 11 Apr 1942, Commended for his prompt action when he force landed a Blenheim after he noticed signs of lubrication failure;

- 30 Jun 1943, he made a single engine landing in a Blenheim IV after port engine failure;

- 12 Dec 1943, when taking off in a Martlet the arrester hook dropped onto the runway; he abandoned the take-off but the aircraft swung and a wingtip was damaged. He had failed to check the arrester hook was locked.

- 11 May 1944, he had to land his Thunderbolt wheels-up when the failure of a weld on the port undercarriage strut meant it got stuck in the 'up' position.

- 30 Aug 1944, his Vengeance caught fire as it was landing, due to a filler cap coming adrift near the exhaust


"A steady and capable pilot, and a good officer" "Always willing"

m. 20 Feb 1943 in Calcutta, Constance Evelyn [Gibbon, b. 1904 in India]

During the period July 1942 to April 1943, he flew 'The Hump' for CNAC (China National Aviation Corp.). see CNAC Captain James Lane

Sailed back to the USA 18 Apr 1945, with Constance, and fellow ATA pilot Donald Richardson (M.575), his English wife and their son.

m. 1953 Gladys Irene [Rupert]

d. 12 Mar 1961 (age 46) - Los Angeles


 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

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