M.588  First Officer Umberto 'Anthony' Combi 
 flag italy 1861 1946 -  flag UK   b. 22 Jun 1902, Poona, India 1 Jul 1941 to 30 Nov 1945 

 ata anthony combi 1932 1932

 ata anthony combi ATA  ata anthony combi 1948 1948  


Father Italian; [Anthony Combi served in the Italian Army 1890-1898], Mother British

Ed. Cathedral High School, Bombay

m. 1939 Catherine A [Groom]

prev. Technical Adviser, the Combi Electric Co. Ltd, Slough, Bucks

Address in 1941: 4 Hurstfield Drive, Taplow, Bucks

Postings: 1FPP, A.M.F.

"A very willing and hard working pilot. During this winter [1944-5] he has shown good ability and sound judgement. Discipline very good."

Earlier, though, he did have a number of accidents for which he was held responsible:

- 18 Sep 1942, he taxied a Spitfire into a starting trolley;

- 23 Nov 1942, undershot a landing in a Blenheim;

- 8 Jan 1943, piloting an Oxford, he accidentally knocked the main switches to 'on', and a ground crew member was injured when an engine fired when being turned over by hand, and

- 15 Feb 1943, he failed to control the swing during takeoff in a Wellington and the aircraft skidded sideways.

d. 1980, Harrow


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