M.628 First Officer   Lyle Otto Mills
 flag usa   b. 3 Apr 1896, Raymond City, WV  24 Jun 1941 to 25 Jun 1942




Ed. Pace Insitute, NYC (Law and Accountancy)

prev. Sgt. in  AAF 1917-20; Commercial Pilot and Instructor

prev. exp. 8500 hrs (including Beechcraft and "Savoia-Marchetti Boat"

m. Ruth Carpenter [Fitchett] (3 daughters Audrey, Carol, and Dolores)

Address in 1941: Urbana, VA

Postings: 4aFPP, 8FPP

3 accidents, 1 his fault:

- 17 Dec 1941, forced landing in a Mohawk after engine failure;

- 8 Apr 1942, landing with undercarriage not fully extended in a Hereford, due to partial engine failure;

- 15 Jun 1942, he over-ran the runway in an Oxford; "pilot should have made another circuit."

"A good officer who can be relied upon to give his best"

 Joined USAAF 9 Sep 1942. Major in 310th AAF Base Unit, Pope Field

He rescued 26 wounded men during fighting at Iwo Jima in 1945 while an operations officer piloting a C-47 transport plane.

Rejoined the Electrolux Corp,, retiring in 1955.

d. 29 Aug 1959 (age 63) - Washington

ata lyle mills grave

Buried Arlington National Cemetery, VA


 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

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