M.559 First Officer  Robert Edward Baugh 
 flag england  b. 30 Nov 1900, Birmingham 18 Jun 1941 to 15 Mar 1944 




Father: Robert Baugh, [d. 1946 in Rome], Mother Fanny Dingley [ d. 1935]

Ed. Kings Norton Secondary School, Birmingham

m. 1930 Hilda [Thomas]; 2 children [Samuel b. 1934, Miranda b. 1943]

RAF 1920-24, Flying Officer

prev. a Representative for Osmond and Sons, Ltd, Grimsby (a Cattle Medicine Manufacturer)

Address in 1941: Dorrington, Shrewsbury

Postings: 12FPP, 5FPP, 7FPP

He was a passenger in the crash of Anson N4929 at Scorton airfield on 18th November 1941. "The tail wheel appears to have jammed on landing and caused a swing to develop on the ground, the swing was uncontrolled and the starboard undercarriage leg appears to have collapsed resulting in the aircraft skiding to a halt with the starboard wing and aileron being listed as damaged."


Off sick 6 Feb to 9 Mar 1942 with dental caries;

Off sick 12 Sep to 30 Nov 1942 with concussion.

"His progress through the School was very slow, due partly to a long period of sickness, and a tendency to lack confidence. He is of a somewhat nervous disposition ... as a pilot, he is about average."

"He is a modest man with a likeable personailty and the makings of a good officer."

[Contract Terminated by ATA 15 Mar 1944]

Post-WWII, he worked in Kenya (see below) and travelled back to the UK from Mombasa, alone, arriving on the 28 Nov 1958.

Hilda had travelled back to the UK, alone, in Aug 1956.

On 9 Dec 1959, he wrote to Diana Barnato Walker this sad little letter:

"Dear Mrs Barnato-Walker,

You may possibly remember me in the old A.T.A. days - but it is a long time ago. I was at St Pauls on Remembrance Sunday this year and saw you there, but did not have a chance to speak to you as I had to leave directly the service was over.

The purpose of this letter is to ask you if you can help me to get a job in Africa where I believe you have large interests. I have been in Kenya for the last few years doing irrigation and development work and planting. Before the war I was cotton-growing in the Sudan and Egypt. In Kenya I was in a government department working in the Northern Frontier Province, but in 1958 the scheme I was engaged on was abandoned owing to the financial recession, and I became redundant. I stayed on in Kenya for some time with friends hoping to get another job but there was nothing doing; during this time I had the misfortune to have a riding accident in which I fractured my skull and broke my hip-bone, and as I could not afford to pay the hospital fees out there I had to return to this country for treatment.

I am quite better now but have no qualifications for a job in this country, although I have tried very hard to get work I have had no luck. My money ran out some time ago and I have been (and am) living on a very small allowance from the National Assistance Board, which just pays for my cheap lodgings. I am most desperate to get work, and if you can put me on to anything I shall be more than grateful.

Yours Sincerely, Robert E Baugh

p.s. I am perfectly willing to do anything and go anywhere."

Diana passed the letter on to Mr Moore, who was the ATA contact point, and added:

"4 Jan 1960

Dear Mr Moore,

Here is the letter that I spoke to you on the telephone about. If you can do anything right away for him perhaps you will let me know?

I have no contacts now in South Africa, but suggest that when you have contacted Baugh re his present position, that I send his letter on to Mr and Mrs Alan Butler - she was Lois Butler of the ATA - & see if they have any ideas, or offers of employment. For they have a considerable estate in Nairobi.

Unfortunately they are away until mid February."

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