M.587 First Officer  Frank Charles Hoffmann Jr 
 flag usa  b. 29 Jul 1912, Valley Stream, Long Island, NY  13 Jun 1941 to 19 Mar 1942 


ata frank hoffman 1930 poss1930

(?) Brooklyn Daily Eagle



Father Frank, a retired shoe manufacturer [who originally trained for the priesthood], mother Florence [Fabian]

Ed. at Willston Academy, MA (Business School Diploma)

m. 1935 Mary Elizabeth [Finch], 2 sons

pre. commercial flying, stunt flying with 'Lucky Harris and his Airshow'

Address in 1941: 432 Rugby Rd, Brooklyn, NY

Postings: 16FPP, 4aFPP

 "His flying is quite satisfactory but his general conduct could still be improved."


In 1965, he was running Hoffman Custom Flight Service in Billings, Montana, and he and three others were apppointed 'Local Senior Pilots' by the FAA in 1969:

ata frank hoffman et al 1969

Frank on the left.

d. Jan 1988, Billings

His obituary in the Billings Gazette reads: "Frank was among the first Army Air Corps flight instructors. He also served in the Royal Air Force in Great Britain. He was a test pilot for Glen L. Martin Inc. and Edo Aircraft before managing the Jacksonville Municipal Airport for seven years. In 1954 and 1955, he was part owner of Alamo Airways in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He moved to Billings and worked for Lynch Flying Service, then opened Hoffmann Customer Flight Service. In 1960 he brought the first helicopters to Billings. He retired from aviation in 1972 when he closed Sky Harbor Enterprises Inc."


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