M.616 First Officer  Rev. Marshall McCormick Milton Jnr. 
 flag usa

  b. 4 Oct 1912, Hagerstown, Maryland

[but grew up in Richmond, VA]

 11 Jun 1941 to 8 Mar 1944

 ata marshall milton 1942 1942



Brother of Rev. William Byrd Lee Milton, also an ATA pilot - 'The Flying Parsons'.(see below)

Ed. Christ Church School, Saluda, VA, Virginia Military Institute and Virginia Theological Seminary [1934 B.S. Civil Enginering, 1938 B.D. Theology]

m. 1938 Isobel Heyward [Wilson] from Birmingham, ALA

prev. Priest - Rector of Brandon Episcopal Church, Burrowsville, VA

prev. exp. 450 hrs

Address in 1941: 756 Cumberland Ave, Atlanta, GA

Postings: 2FPP, 8FPP, 16FPP, 1FPP (Seconded), 14FPP

He and his brother resigned their church appointments in neigbouring parishes in the US to join the ATA. In May 1942, Marshall said "The only thing I object to is helping men to kill each other and from the pulpit I couldn't do it, but as an individual and as a member of society I felt that whether I believed in war or not I was just part of it. We thought we would be of more service perhaps in the ATA than by staying at home."

5 accidents:

- 24 Dec 1941, Brewster Buffalo overshot landing due to flap and engine failure and ran into a heap of earth;

- 8 Feb 1942, Defiant overshot landing and then swung to avoid another aircraft; pilot to blame as he should have made a second circuit;

- 29 Mar 1942, Beaufort failed top control a swing after applying brakes. Not to blame as the brakes were found to be defective;

- 29 Oct 1942, successfully force landed a Hampden after port engine failure. Pilot not responsible.

- 21 Feb 1943, Proctor III tipped onto its nose when taxying in high wind; he was held to blame as he ignored the ground crew, who were standing by to help.

"A methodical pilot of average ability, but inclined to be heavy-handed on single-engine aircraft."

"A good officer and a capable and obliging pilot."

Later a maths teacher

d. 5 Nov 1993 - Newport, VA

ata marshall mccormick grave


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