M.---  2nd Officer  John Edward 'Jack' Hampson
 flag usa  b.20 Sep 1907, Fillmore, CA 10 Jun 1941 to 9 Aug 1941 

 ata john hampson ATA



Father: JamesThomas, mother Jennie [Finnerty]

Ed. Notre Dame College, Indiana

m. Lola Mae [Welch] (Divorced, 2 daughters Jacqueline Mae b. 1929 and Marguerite A b. 1932)

prev. 1st Lieut. US Marine Aviation 1927-29, Flight Leader, RCAF Air Observer School at Prince Albert, Sask.

prev. exp. 4500hrs

Learnt to fly in 1932 at Los Angeles Municipal Airport, passing his test for a Federal private license in October 1932.

However, two months later he was arrested when he flew his "fast monoplane" across the border from Baja Callifornia, after a tip-off. They found 130 gallons of illegal Mexican alcohol hidden in the fuselage...

He got 30 days in jail, five years probation and he was told to "be kind to his paralyzed mother and bedfast father, and to live on the ranch at Fillmore, given to him by his father, and to remain at home with his wife and child[ren]."

Address in 1941: 673 West St., Upland CA

Contract Terminated 9 Aug 1941 - he "consistently absented himself from duty for long periods without leave and his conduct was unsatisfactory."

"His obstinacy and impatience are regretted as he should quickly have made a most useful and competent ferry pilot."

Joined the Fleet Air Arm on 6 Oct 1941 and was a pilot in 772 Squadron FAA [HMS Landrail (RN Air Station, Machrihanish, Argyllshire)]

In Jan 1944, a "John E Hampson, Montalvo truck driver, was arrested on suspicion of violation of the selective service act."

 d. 25 Jan 1983 - Los Angeles


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